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01.03.2015, 12:11  /  Latest edited: 01.03.2015, 12:13
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Good morning,
we're testing a new C620 running a NVIDIA K40 for mathematical simulations. We've install it on our office rack and the sound level it's close to insupportable. The equipment comes with 5 small funs, three on PCI-e line and two on the processor line. There's also room for a couple more funs on the power supply line but they don't come on the default configuration.
My question it's about the posibility to adjust fun speed and of course sound level. I can, of course, unplug the funs and open the top case but maybe thats not the better solution.

Something that have surprised me it's that the Noise for standard configuration info on the datasheet it's missing;( Strange cause I was used to Fujitsu special care on that kind of issues. Since now, I had sell several tower models and we loved the sound level so with no more info I spect something close to other family models. I don't think that hide that kind of info it's a good selling politics. Knowing that info I would have buy a tower model instead. Now I have a problem and I'm dissapointed with Fujitsu cause the Workstation did not works fine for my concret case. I think Partners should have all the Info, the good and the bad one in order to sell the correct solutions to our costumers. We've some nice discussion boards, intranets,... didn't we spect to have also such kind of InfoConfused

Any ideasConfused

06.03.2015, 10:13
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Hi Guillermo,

We're currently working on this and will be back with an answer asap.

My apology for the late reply!

With best regards

12.03.2015, 13:28
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Hi Guillermo,

Sorry this took a little longer than usual. Here is the answer we got from Stefan Grotzke, the product manager in charge of the C620:

"Hi GuillermoGC,

there are basically two points here I would like to clarify:

1. A rack workstation is designed for the datacenter – not for the office area:

The CELSIUS C620 is a highly condensed 1U rack mount workstation for the datacenter.

You can find all the details about C620 here:

It gives the customer the opportunity to save space in the datacenter due to its very thin design.

This high integration into a 1U compartment makes it necessary to use highly efficient fans which run at high speed to ensure a perfect cooling of the interior components.
Noise is almost irrelevant for systems that run in the datacenter because they are far away from the user.

Still the fans are of course adjusting the speed automatically in accordance to the temperatures inside of the system. See the explanation below (point 2) on why they may run at fulI speed.

In the beginning of the design process we planned to support up to seven fans to be on the save side. During the design verification process it turned out that five fans are enough and adding fans would actually reduce the optimal air flow management and thus result in higher noise. This is why we only use five fans.

2. The NVIDIA K40 is not validated in the CELSIUS C620:

Nvidia’s K40 is not included in the orderable components for the C620.

Using a component that is not validated may cause inappropriate behavior – like fans running at maximum speed.
If you like to do this you do this at your own risk. In the case of K40 this means you are probably overheating the interior of the C620 beyond the specified limit.
Result: The fans still want to cool down the system by running at full-speed and of course full-noise.

My suggestion would be to choose the workstation according to the intended environment (datacenter/office) and only use verified components. Thank you.


Hopefully this helps. Thank you again for your patience.

Best regards

12.03.2015, 16:15  /  Latest edited: 12.03.2015, 19:52
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sorry but Stefan didn't really solve me anything and just explain me what's obvious to everybody.

First of all let me say I didn't buy a C620 and later on elsewhere a Tesla K40 just because it was cheaper or so. We won the Tesla K40 from a contest from NVIDIA and then I asked in this forum possibilities where to install it in. You can check it up, just the previous post. Your companion Thomas answered more or less me although I'm starting to believe my English is not good enough explaining our situation.
So. We get a K40 and then we ordered a C620 for using it. Ok, that model it's not supposed supported, but as your companion Thomas said just because Quadro K6000 has a better performance and price, but that's what we've got. Everybody we have talk to told us we should have no problem at all and in fact we didn't. Well, aside the noise problem that I think has nothing to do with the card. I haven't seen any temp sensor at all and if there's one could we unplug itConfused
Anyway, that doesn't explain why the Noise for standard configuration is missing in the C620 datasheet and took me to a wrong model selection for my concret case, a rack inside my office, yes such a strange situation!!!
So please, try to give your partners all the info so we can choose the right model for the right situation. Now on I know C620 it's VERY NOISY!!!

A part from that complain just let me explain some tricks about your C620 model although there's no support for doing that. There's a metal Window on the bottom of the unit, just down under where you can find the funs of a Tesla kind card, once installed. So, removing that metal Window (easily breaking it, cause none have think about an easy remove mechanism although someone build it) the Tesla card will have a free direct air exit, nice. Obviously you will need some free space under the 1U C620 in order to keep the card fresh enough. Doing that and removing the top cover I've unplug the funs and for the moment it seems the unit can operate with no problem and no noise. It's a pity and I can't believe there's no way to control fun speed cause obviously that configuration shouldn't be the right one.

Anymore ideas a part from telling me I'm doing wrongConfused

14.03.2015, 23:16
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Hi Guillermo,

Thank you very much for your detailed reply. I will forward it to the support team at Fujitsu, and they will get back to you personally, either here or via email.

Regarding "trying to give my partners all the info", that's exactly what happened before - I copied your text, without changes or omissions, and forwarded it to Fujitsu staff. So it's not like part of the information "got lost" in between. Also, I find your second account far more detailed than the original post; for example, the first didn't say anything about your team _having won_ the Tesla K40, so I didn't even get to say congrats on that one. Wink

Once again, we'll get back to you with more info asap.

Best regards

17.03.2015, 13:27  /  Latest edited: 17.03.2015, 13:27
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Many thanks for the explanation.
Let me mention that on the new CELSIUS C740 datasheet the same information it's missing also. No information about acoustics it's shown. It could be helpfull to have this info.


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