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Tesla K40
02.12.2014, 19:30
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Hi everybody,
I've got a user that has won a NVidia Tesla K40 and I'm trying to fix a configuration for using it. He will use the Workstation for intensive mathematical simulation executing the PC with Linux on a remote location. We can't go to the highest configuration cause don't have money enough. So I'm looking for a good balance between cost and eficiency in order to take profit of the CUDA and Tesla facilities. I was thinking about a C620 with Xeon E3-1225v3, 2x8GB, 1 SATA 500GB (OS) and 1 SATA 1 TB (Data and temp). That will be enough, it's about 1.500€Confused A Tesla K40 can be installed on a C620, K20 seems toConfused SuggestionsConfused RecommendationsConfused

Many thanks,

14.12.2014, 22:48
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Hi GuillermoGC,

the CELSIUS C620 seems to fulfill the requirements.

The NVIDIA Tesla K20 is tested and released for the CELSIUS C620, so should not be any problem for ordering.the

The reason why the NVIDIA Tesla K40 was not released for CELSIUS Workstations, was based on the better price/performance ratio of the NVIDIA Quadro K6000.

In detail, the Quadro K6000 and the K40 are obviously based on the same Hardware platform with the following differences:
- K6000 runs at higher clock frequency than the K40
- the double precision Performance of K6000 (Gigaflops Peak) is higher than the K40!
- the price of the Quadro K6000 is lower than that of the Tesla K40

Maybe this is another argument to safe another costs for the customer by switching from Tesla K40 to Quadro K6000?

Otherwise, please request the release of the Tesla K40 at the Customizing/Made4you team or at Workstation Product Management, this should be something feasible.

Hope this helps,

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14.12.2014, 23:45
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Thanks for your explanation Thomas,
the trick it's that NVIDIA give us a Tesla K40 free of charge in order to work on a project, that was the prize for a contest that we wonSmile Great one!! even it means we will have to spend some more money to try to arrange a Workstation where try to run it and take profit of the computing processing capacity for the mathematical simulations we must do. So, no option to select the "grafical/processing unit" but we must choose whatever it's around. C620 seems a good option to me and as you tell seems also compatible cause it supports Tesla K20. We want to run the PC remotly and don't have too much money to spend, you know how startups works.
Anyway your explanation was very useful and I'm quite interested in learning much more about how to fix a HPC.
Do you know any Fujitsu White paper or so that we could read? Couldn't find any tutorial that explain, for exemple, how a grown on the computer processor could impact on the Tesla capacity or such kind of things.

Again, many thanks.

15.12.2014, 20:34
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Dear GuillermoGC,

please refer to the datasheet and presentations available for Tesla Cards on PRIMERGY Servers.

Best regards,

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