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celsius H760
23.01.2017, 16:47

I have a problem with Hyper-v on win 10 pro.
When I install a virtual machine, I can see it run in the bottom, but when I try to access the virtual client, its opens only a black window.

The strange thing is that vt & Vt-x technology in the CPU is muted when I engage Hyper-V.

Does anyone know about this problem

01.02.2017, 08:27
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Hi Peter,
I've just found that kind of problem on rare cases that have been solved restarting the PC. From my point of view, as virtualization has nothing to do with the hardware on the host and all the virtual drivers are hardware free the problem shouldn't come from Fujitsu itself and maybe could be somekind of missconfiguration on Windows. Could you give some more info? Which Windows platform are you working on the virtual machine? Which kind of virtual machine are you using, Gen1 or Gen2 basis? I've found much more issues on Gen2 even it should seem to be the better one but for sure Gen1 is more problem free. It's your host operating System up to dateConfused

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