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Which Workstation/Server for x8 GPU's?
27.11.2016, 14:38

if my customer want 8x GPU's in one system.

Does Fujitsu has a Server/Workstation that can handle such quantity of double width FL cards, each are PCIe x16 Gen 3.



06.12.2016, 15:07
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Hi Cyrille,

First off, I've to apologize for the long delay. I hope the following are the answers you were looking for.

According to Fujitsu support, the FUJITSU CELSIUS R940 workstation supports up to 4 physical high-end GPUs, namely NVIDIA's Quadro M4000, as well as up to 3 Quadro M5000/P5000 or Tesla K40/M60/K80 or, finally, up to 2 Quadro M6000 and P6000 or AMD FirePro W9100 cards. More detailed info is available from the R940 datasheet:

To access information about other CELSIUS workstations, please check out the data sheet finder: /

Our contact at Fujitsu Support did not have any info regarding the use of graphics cards in servers. To find out more, you may want to contact either presales support or your local service desk. Contact details are available here (please click the tab "Your Service Desk"):

I will get back to you on the server topic if I find out anything more.

With best regards

06.12.2016, 15:22
Hello Thomas

Thanks for the detailed answer.

Unfortunately this is not what our customer is looking.

Thanks in advance.


06.12.2016, 16:00
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Hi Cyrille,

This time the answer came back faster than anticipated:

In addition to the workstations, Fujitsu also offers some servers in which GPU's can be installed. To be able to better understand your request and individual requirements, it would be helpful to know what kind of GPUs you would like to use and what particular use case it is.

Please feel free to leave the answers on our board, I'll be happy to transmit them asap and hope to be back with more detailed answers in a timely fashion.

Best regards

06.12.2016, 16:29
Hi Thomas

As a matter a fact this is not GPU's but proprietary FPGA's boards.

And they need 8 of them in a system.

Each are dual slots 400 watts.

Also on their cards are with 3x FPGA's.
Two of them has a x8 PCIe so they need that the slots can bifurcate from x16 to two x8 on same physical slot!

The third FPGA use the SMBus interface on the PCIe connector.

But anyway this is not a trivial request, still do not found a solution.

And for the moment this is just a development platform so they need only one unit.

Anyway thanks for your fast email.


07.12.2016, 10:35
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Hi Cyrille,

According to Fujitsu, the next generation of servers will support the use of FPGA's in CPU sockets. So far, we have not heard about an FPGA controller though. But as you said, this is not a trivial request, so the best solution will be to contact your local pre-sales and/or sales support.

With best regards

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