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May 12 2017

Join Our Second TechCommunity Client Solutions Workshop in Amsterdam!

Following the success of our first TechCommunity Client Solutions Workshop in 2015, we are now preparing a new edition of this highly attractive expert event that will take place on May 23 and 24 in Amsterdam. This time, our focus will be on Digital Transformation and the future of the modern workplace.

Over the past decade, the trend towards "digitalizing" ever more information and workflows has shaped the way in which enterprises conduct their business. During this period, we have witnessed the evolution of smartphones and tablets, as they matured from somewhat exotic companion devices into central hubs that users keep coming back to many times a day – be it to ensure fast responses to customer queries, to secure a constant flow of information or to communicate with peers who are working on the same project. At the same time we learned that the process of Digital Transformation, which was supposed to help enterprises become more agile and responsive, would often bring about new challenges when it comes to protecting confidential customer and employee data or sensitive financial or R&D information. Fujitsu's mission throughout these years has been to make the inevitable transition manageable and provide a host of top-of-the-line client solutions that cover every aspect of the new working environments and procedures, from mobility through security to upcoming VR and AR scenarios.

Consequently, Digital Transformation and the future of modern workplaces will be the overarching topics of this year's TechCommunity Client Solutions Workshop, which is scheduled for May 23 and 24, 2017, at the Dorint Airport Hotel in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Here, a roster of 15 experts from Fujitsu and our technology partners Intel, Microsoft, NVIDIA and VMware as well as last year's SELECT Innovation Award Winner Cutter Group will introduce to you key technologies, new products and the innovative solutions that can be built around them. The keynote will be held by Rüdiger Landto, Head of Category Management Client Computing Devices EMEIA, who will explain why controlling these devices is now more important than ever before. Following the keynote, attendants may participate in up to 6 out of a total of 11 classes covering topics such as biometric and client device security, mobility development in vertical markets, best practices for Windows 10 migration and VDI scenarios, and "Virtual Reality for Professionals." The line of events starts on Tuesday, May 23, at 9:00 AM CET and ends on Wednesday, May 24, around 3:30 PM CET. To make the entire workshop even more attractive, participants will receive 1 SCC certification point for attending one day and 3 points for attending both.

As per usual, we will charge a small workshop fee of €111 per day (excl. VAT) that covers all costs incurred during the event. If you want to be part of this SELECT Expert TechCommunity Workshop, please register using this SCC Registration Link and please also make sure to print and fill out the registration form attached below and send it back to (The download link is only visible if you're a registered TechCommunity member and are logged into your account.) Michael is also the principal contact if you have additional questions.


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