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Jun 17 2017

Available to Stream and Share: TechCommunity Solutions WebTalk PRIMEFLEX for Storage Spaces Direct – The Ready Nodes for Any Use Case”


Our TechCommunity week took off to a good start on Monday with a WebTalk that was attended by participants from roughly 30 channel partners and ended in a lively Q & A. As per usual, we are documenting the event in full for you to download, recapitulate, and share with your colleagues.

However, according to our new policy implemented in late April, the files won't be available directly from TechCommunity. Instead, the recorded session is now available via FiOLA, the Fujitsu Training Academy. The link below will take you to its website, where you can sign in with your partner credentials and get full access to audio and PPT files:

As most of you will already know, participation in our WebTalks provides an extra path for SELECT Experts to gather points that are required for you annual re-certification. However, those of you who would have liked to attend but couldn't due to conflicting schedules or bad timing on our part shouldn't be facing a disadvantage, and so we decided to give you the same opportunity. In other words, you can now collect the same amount of points if you sign into FiOLA and watch the show. Sounds good? Perfect – then just hop over there and enjoy!


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