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Aug 07 2018

Ready for Download: TechCommunity HPC WebTalk “The Storage Paradigm with Persistent Memory – the NextGenIO EU Project”

It took a little while, but our first-ever HPC Web Talk now is finally available online – the recorded session is a must for all channel partners who enjoy looking into future IT solutions or are researching new revenue streams.

As many of you already know, Fujitsu has a long (and proud) history in the fields of high-performance and supercomputing, as is exemplified best by our K computer, which entered the popular TOP500 list of supercomputers at #1 in June 2011 and then retained a spot among the ten most powerful systems for 6.5 consecutive years. Our webcast, however, isn't focused on past glories – instead, we concentrate on the results of the European research project Next Generation I/O for the Exascale (NextGenIO), in which Fujitsu and other technology leaders collaborated with renowned academics to explore the impact persistent memory technologies will have on HPC applications, and eventually modern enterprise computing. More specifically, it offers a "technical deep dive" into NextGenIO technology and its various use cases as well as insights into a system prototype that debuted at the ISC 2018 last June.

The recorded session and presentation files are available from FiOLA, Fujitsu's Training Academy – for immediate access, just follow the link below and sign in with your channel partner credentials:

Important information: Participation in our WebTalks provides an extra path for SELECT Experts to gather points that are required for you annual re-certification. However, those of you who would have liked to attend but were tied up at work shouldn't be facing a disadvantage, and can now collect the same amount of points if you sign into FiOLA and watch the show. Sounds good? Perfect – then just hop over there and enjoy!


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