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Oct 20 2017

Available to Stream and Share: TechCommunity WebTalk “Ransomware – I Wish I Had Thought About a Backup Before My Data Were Gone”

In our world of data-dependent services, few security breaches can and will cause as much damage as a well-timed ransomware attack that encrypts vital information and only 'releases' the affected files after a large sum of money is paid. Over the course of the past five years, these schemes have turned out to be the proverbial pain in the rear.

What makes such attacks particularly despicable is the fact that they often target critical systems – e.g. the databases of hospitals and clinics – in an attempt to use innocents' lives and health as a leverage that will make the extortion appear unstoppable. However, regardless of how big one's disgust and anger at such actions may be, it should be noted here that IT departments can do quite a bit to avert being turned into helpless victims. Better still, the most powerful protective measure is also a very elementary one that should be part of an administrator's everyday routine: performing backups as frequently as possible (at least once per day) and keeping them at a second site from where they can be quickly and easily restored. To achieve this, every organization, regardless of size or industry, must devise and implement a backup strategy that suits its individual needs. Once this is accomplished, ransomware will become much less of a threat.

This was also the key message in last week's TechCommunity Security WebTalk "Ransomware – I Wish I Had Thought About a Backup Before My Data Were Gone." In it, Fujitsu's Principal Consultant and Product Manager Storage, Sepp Stieger, explained in detail what enterprises and public services can do to protect themselves. The recorded session is now available via FiOLA, the Fujitsu Training Academy. The link below will take you to its website, where you can sign in with your partner credentials and get full access to audio and PPT files:

Important information: Participation in our WebTalks provides an extra path for SELECT Experts to gather points that are required for you annual re-certification. However, those of you who would have liked to attend but couldn't due to conflicting schedules shouldn't be facing a disadvantage, and so we decided to give you the same opportunity. In other words, you can now collect the same amount of points if you sign into FiOLA and watch the show. Sounds good? Perfect – then just hop over there and enjoy!

Storage and security solutions as well as related strategies will also be a hot topic at this year's Fujitsu Forum, which will be held at the International Congress Center Munich (ICM) on November 8 and 9, 2017. Please visit our Forum webpage for more information.

See you soon in Munich!


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