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Jun 23 2015

Update: TechCommunity Webcast on VMware VVOL /ETERNUS Integration Available for Download


Last Friday's Storage Webcast about new technical means to properly allocate VMs and applications to storage has successfully taken place and resulted in a fresh Q&A among the participants.

For those of you who missed the session and would like to receive first-hand information about how the combined force of VMware's Virtual Volume (VVOL) technology and Fujitsu's ETERNUS DX hardware eases storage management in today's highly virtualized IT environments, the audio and presentation files are now available for streaming and/or download. Needless to say, the same goes for TechCommunity members interested in replaying the session or sharing this content with your colleagues. Simply log into your TechCommunity account, click the links you'll see below, and get access to the full webcast (TechCommunity membership required).

TechCommunity Storage Webcast - Audio: “VMware VVOL Technology and ETERNUS integration”
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