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Jul 11 2016

Available for Streaming: TechCommunity CCD Webcast on Scout Enterprise Dashboard

Anyone who has ever worked with our FUTRO Thin Clients knows Scout Enterprise, the management suite that makes these devices tick and deliver best results. Like most other toolsets, the software is upgraded on a regular basis, and the latest achievements were the topic of last Friday's CCD webcast.

Among other improvements, the new release of Scout Enterprise includes a feature called the Scout Enterprise Dashboard – basically a web frontend that serves as a central management console for admins on the go, who may now steer their FUTROs from any notebook, tablet or smartphone so long as these clients are running eLux. This webcast shows how the added functionality will make admins' lives easier and just how much they can do with a fully-configured 'command center.' For those of you who missed the event, we now offer a recording of the full session, plus the slides used in the presentation, all bundled into a neat package that you may stream, share or download for later reception. Just log into your TechCommunity account and check out what you will find below (TechCommunity membership required). Enjoy!

TechCommunity CCD Webcast: "Thin Client Management – See What Is Possible with a Well-Established Scout Console" – session
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