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May 16 2017

Ready for Download: TechCommunity Security Webcast “Meet FUJITSU ETERNUS DX S4 – Storage Unchained!”


Watch and learn how our latest-generation hybrid arrays can help your customers run an agile business while boosting your storage revenue!

The combination of flash technology and regular HDDs with loads of smart features such as AST and Auto QoS has turned storage arrays from mere data dumps in backrooms into key systems that are critical for operating a modern, 'responsive' data center. In this recording of last Friday's TechCommunity Storage WebTalk, our expert René Hübel explains how ETERNUS DX4 arrays are turned into "set-and-forget" systems that will automatically adapt to any capacity, speed and security demands customers may decide to throw at them while remaining affordable.

As of April, all webcast recordings are available via FiOLA, the Fujitsu Training Academy. The link below will take you to its website, where you can sign in with your partner credentials and get full access to the full session and PPT files.

Important information: If you read our most recent invitations, you may recall that participating in our WebTalks provides an extra path for SELECT Experts to gather points that are required to undergo re-certification once per year. However, there's always the possibility that you can't attend because of a prior engagement or because the session's timing was inconvenient, and we feel it would be unfair to not give you the same opportunity where that's the case. Therefore, you will now be able to collect the same amount of points if you sign into FiOLA and watch the show. Sounds good? Perfect – then why not join us immediately?


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