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Jul 22 2015

Just Before the Holidays: Webcast on ETERNUS DX8000 S3 Available for Download


Last week's storage session ended a successful first season of TechCommunity webcasts that thrived thanks to the active and energetic participation of our members. In keeping with our short tradition, we now present the audio recording and presentation files for streaming or download.

Channel partners who need a fast introduction to the third-generation ETERNUS DX8000 series' of high-end, 'corporate-class' disk storage arrays – including comprehensive insight into their internal design, technical specs, and specific value proposition within the ETERNUS DX family – will find all required information in these files. What's more, they also serve as great reminders for those who participated in the session, but would like to share it with colleagues – or occasionally watch reruns. Simply log into your TechCommunity account, click the links you'll see below, and get access to the full webcast (TechCommunity membership required).

As noted above, the ETERNUS DX8000 session was the last before the summer holidays. The next season will start in mid-September when everyone's back at their desk. In the meantime, all recordings and presentations remain accessible through the Webcast section of our site.

TechCommunity Webcast: “Technical Insights into the New ETERNUS DX8000 S3” – audio
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