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Apr 18 2016

Ready for Download: TechCommunity Storage Webcast “ETERNUS CS800 Live Demo”


Last Friday's Storage Webcast revealed fresh details about the use cases, configuration options and special functionalities of our sixth-generation backup appliance for SMEs and branch offices.

All new technologies and megatrends notwithstanding, there are (and always will be) a number of key tasks that any company should be able to carry out on its own. One of these tasks is creating backups, i.e. data copies that help admins and end users revert to a previous state in case the originals are lost or corrupted. To help customers tackle this challenge, we have developed – and are constantly improving – our family of ETERNUS CS backup appliances.

This product line includes the ETERNUS CS800, one of the easiest-to-use backup appliances in the market that comes with a host of integrated 'comfort functions' like deduplication, which helps reduce storage capacity demands, as well as automated replication and path-to-tape. Admins can easily configure and manage the system from a remote workstation using a convenient, familiar web GUI. To learn more about the basic functionalities and configuration options, please check out the presentation on our YouTube channel.

During last week's Storage Webcast, we discussed these topics in more detail, with special attention being paid to the appliance's full integration with Veritas NetBackup software (especially its Accelerator component) and full support for files and folders as well as VMware environments. For those of you who couldn't attend, but would like to see the presentation and share it with colleagues, we provide the recorded session and slides – just sign into your TechCommunity account and enjoy our exclusive coverage (TechCommunity membership required).

TechCommunity Storage Webcast: ETERNUS CS800: Easy-to-use Backup Appliance ” – session
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