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Feb 05 2016

Stream and Share: TechCommunity Webcast “VDI Made Easy” Ready for Download


Two weeks ago, we hosted quite a successful webcast about desktop virtualization with FUJITSU PRIMEFLEX and Citrix Xen Desktop. For those of you who were unable to attend, we've wrapped up the presentation in a neat package to access whenever you're ready.

The presentation focuses on Citrix Xen Desktop 7.6 with Feature Pack 3 and its many improvements, including support for Windows 10, an innovative user experience, and various security enhancements. What's more, it also includes a live hands-on demo of how PRIMEFLEX and Xen Desktop cooperate on Windows 7 machines. Just log into your TechCommunity account and check out the video and PDF below (TechCommunity membership required).

TechCommunity Webcast: “Desktop Virtualization Made Easy with PRIMEFLEX and Citrix XenDesktop ” – video
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