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Aug 03 2016

Stream or Download: TechCommunity Storage Webcast “Simplify Backup for Virtual Infrastructures with the New ETERNUS CS200c S3”


In recent months, the rise of hyper-converged infrastructures has posed substantial challenges to time-tested backup concepts, especially when it comes to VMs. Last Friday's Storage Webcast explained how our latest-gen data protection appliance ETERNUS CS200c S3 can help customers master the situation.

For those of you who missed the event, we now offer a recording of the full session, plus the slides used in the presentation, all bundled into a neat package that you may stream, share or download for later reception. Just log into your TechCommunity account and check out what you will find below (TechCommunity membership required). Enjoy!

TechCommunity Storage Webcast: Simplify Backup for Virtual Infrastructures with the New ETERNUS CS200c S3 (session)
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