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Sep 30 2016

Storage Webcast “Go Flash, Go Max – Take ETERNUS” Available for Download


October will see one of the most important product launches for Fujitsu this year: in 12 days from now, we'll introduce our new all-flash storage platform, ETERNUS AF.

To prepare our Channel Partners for the event, we ran a storage webcast today that offered comprehensive information about the challenges all-flash systems are facing today and how we plan to meet them, about possible use cases and, naturally, about some basic specs. As per usual, we're now offering an audio recording of the session as well as the slides used in the presentation as a download or stream, so that you can catch up with us in case you couldn't attend or would simply like to see the webcast again.

Please remember that the information contained in these files refers to a future product launch and is therefore subject to a confidentiality clause/non-disclosure agreement (NDA). The exact terms of the NDA are displayed at the beginning of the session as well as in the first slides, and we urge you to abide by them. Also because of the NDA, we decided not to offer today's downloads in the regular way, but via the Fujitsu Partner Portal/FiOLA instead:

We apologize for the inconvenience and hope you nonetheless enjoy this piece of exclusive information!


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