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Dec 17 2018

Fujitsu Forum TV, Season 1: The Interviews, Pt. 3 – “Digitalizing the Store and Customer Journey with AI, Blockchain & RFID" (Glen Koskela and Colin Jacobs)

With "Co-Creation for Success" as the key topic at this year's Fujitsu Forum, everyone was eager to find out which areas of business and/or society actually lend themselves to co-creation and what the result of such collaborations could be. In this videoflash, we look at the potential for change in everybody's local malls and megastores.

Over the past few years, the idea that digitalization will substantially reshape our daily lives has turned from a somewhat exotic notion into a common expectation – and more than that: Meanwhile, 99% of us are looking forward to a future in which autonomous cars and smart devices will hopefully help us overcome persistent hazards or dull routines. Then again, driverless vehicles and IoT only represent a small and popular fraction of ongoing technical developments, whereas others produce considerably fewer headlines. Two of these less illuminated areas are retail and hospitality, both of which are under pressure to make massive readjustments if they want to avoid what our interviewer Colin Jacobs calls "casualties on High Street." That's the perfect topic for today's guest Glen Koskela, who happens to be Fujitsu's EMEIA CTO for both areas and shares with us his insights about what retailers can and should do to regain their competitive standing – namely, how to further personalize not only their offerings, but every customer's shopping experience – and how all of this relates to AI, blockchain and RFID technologies and matching solutions and services available from Fujitsu. The clip lasts about 11 minutes.


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