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Dec 08 2017

Exclusive: TechCommunity @ Fujitsu Forum 2017 – Innovation of Workplaces [Video]


Experts have argued for quite some time that the advent of cloud services and powerful 'personal tech' such as smartphones and tablets have ushered in an era of radically different, collaborative workstyles that demand users can carry their work with them and stay connected almost everywhere. Yet so far, many firms have not subscribed to this trend that could scrap the old 9-to-5 schedule in favor of a model that gives employees more freedom and responsibility.

Recent surveys from IDC and Fujitsu suggest that at least from a staffer's perspective companies are often ill prepared to make the changes these new workstyles require. "It's not about giving a notebook and a mobile phone to an employee and saying, 'Now here you go'," explains Christian Bock, Director, Global Marketing Programs, Product Business at Fujitsu, whom we met for our second interview at this year's Fujitsu Forum. Affected firms will have to undergo organizational and cultural changes along with the technical ones, but the results will be well worth the extra effort as they help generate more revenue and profit, he argues in the 8-minute Q & A below:


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