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Dec 13 2017

Exclusive: TechCommunity @ Fujitsu Forum 2017 – Fujitsu’s Latest Server Offerings [Video]


Since July, Fujitsu has carried out a massive refresh of its portfolio of standard as well as mission-critical x86 servers, effectively the complete PRIMERGY and PRIMEQUEST families. During our stay at this year's Forum, we learned about the benefits the new systems bring to customers and how they can support the process of digital transformation.

Equipped with the latest Intel processor technology, an entirely new Integrated Remote Management Controller the iRMC S5, and additional upgraded components like a refreshed Dynamic LOM, both product lines not only offer expanded capabilities and feature sets, but also greater adaptability to varying usage scenarios. The keyword here is workload optimization: The various editions of these innovative systems will handle almost any imaginable task, from basic virtualization to supporting critical cloud applications and other highly parallelized workloads. As a result of this newfound flexibility, servers are set out to play a pivotal role in Digital Co-creation, a process Marcel Schuster, Senior Marketing Manager Server & PRS at Fujitsu, describes as a collaborative effort of Fujitsu, its channel partners and customers in "designing infrastructures exactly to individual needs." More details can be gleaned from our video below (IE users can also find it here):


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