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Nov 08 2018

Watch Fujitsu Forum TV, Season 1: Keynote “Co-creation for Success” (Tatsuya Tanaka and Duncan Tait, November 7)

As always, the Fujitsu Forum 2018 was an event that introduced attendees to numerous innovations and firsts. One of these was Fujitsu Forum TV, a channel our social media team set up in order to live-stream the event in its entirety via Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. However, watching a live show unfold can sometimes be a bit tricky, especially during regular workdays, which is why we're offering encore presentations of the most important lectures, presentations and interviews here at TechCommunity.

The first event we're covering is the opening keynote from November 7, 2018. Here, Fujitsu Representative Director and President Tatsuya Tanaka and EMEIA Director Duncan Tait elaborated on Fujitsu's vision of how bringing together the latest digital technologies with expertise from a vast range of areas can create new possibilities for business and society. If this sounds somewhat abstract, that's because it is – Mr. Tanaka and Mr. Tait deliver a far better explanation in the video below, which also features a guest appearance from Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella (for users under time restrictions, the actual keynote starts at about 11:30 minutes into the clip).


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