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Nov 13 2018

Fujitsu Forum TV, Season 1: The Interviews, Pt. 1 – “Fostering Co-Creation with Fujitsu's Digital Transformation Centers” (Joachim Box and Colin Jacobs)

In the runup to this year's Fujitsu Forum, our colleagues from the social media team made it a point to break down the event's complex subject matter – "Co-Creation for Success" – into easily digestible portions of information that illustrate where the journey towards digitalization is going to take us.

So what exactly is co-creation, and how can customers join forces with Fujitsu to tackle the challenges of the digital transformation process? These are but two key topics our host Colin Jacobs, reporter for the social media team, discusses with Joachim "Jo" Box, Business Director, Digital Co-creation at Fujitsu, in the second piece of our video collection. What's more, they'll explain what happens at Fujitsu's Digital Transformation Centers (DTCs) – three of which opened their gates outside of Japan in 2018 – and what part the acronym "HXD" plays in all of this. Enjoy!

(The video is about 10 minutes long, so definitely suitable for integration into customer presentations.)


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