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Aug 03 2018

Fujitsu Releases Software Infrastructure Manager V2.3 [w/ Video]

To help companies accelerate the transition to software-defined data centers, Fujitsu has launched an upgraded version of its Infrastructure Management software. The powerful software not only allows for simplified, centralized operations and monitoring of entire IT infrastructures, as the name implies, improving data center performance and uptime in the process and thereby enabling major cost and power savings.

Moreover, the latest edition of our converged management software simplifies the deployment, operation and maintenance of data center infrastructure, including facility equipment such as racks and power delivery units. By providing a single pane of glass, Fujitsu ISM provides substantial benefits in comparison to using separate software solutions for switches, servers and storage. Notable improvements include a 50% reduction in power consumption thanks to group power capping, uptime improvements through significantly faster troubleshooting and unified firmware management, saving up to 90% installation time compared to manual patching.

ISM's intuitive dashboard provides near real-time visibility into data center environments, thus providing administrators with actionable insights for data center operation and unified firmware management across all devices. A set of comprehensive functions for detailed monitoring of each system's status and performance ensures IT teams can stick to the most demanding SLAs. New devices are automatically detected, further simplifying day-to-day management tasks, and providing a safeguard against rogue devices being added to corporate networks.

Fujitsu ISM works with servers, storage and networking gear from Fujitsu as well as with Fujitsu-supported devices from NetApp, Cisco and Brocade. Moreover, it is also compatible with IPMI-compliant third party devices, only here support is strictly limited to monitoring. A full list of supported hardware for all ISM functions is available online.

Fujitsu ISM version 2.3 is available immediately in the EMEIA region. Prices vary by country. For more information about the key highlights, please check out the video below.


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