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Dec 15 2018

Fujitsu Forum TV, Season 1: The Interviews, Pt. 2 – “Bringing the Fujitsu Technology & Service Vision to Life” aka "Fujitsu City" (David Gentle and Colin Jacobs)

With "Co-Creation for Success" as the key topic at this year's Fujitsu Forum, everyone was eager to find out which areas of business and/or society actually lend themselves to co-creation and what the result of such collaborations might look like. Today's appetizer gives a hint at what could be possible in an urban setting.

David Gentle is the Director of Strategy and Foresight at Fujitsu. In this interview, he talks about how a host of digital services that have emerged over the last five years could help communities handle challenges from "structural waste," such as the fact that most cars in our cities remain inactive und useless for about 93% of the time – a problem that has been partially countered through the spread of car-sharing services. Other issues remain unsolved, for example that nearly one third of all food production still goes to waste. He further explains how digital technologies and services as well as adequate methods of securely exchanging data can help us overcome or avoid such problems, and how a completely digitalized, smart city would function. So brace yourself for a race towards the near and maybe not-so-near future and back again! (approx.. 15 minutes)


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