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02.12.2015, 21:46
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Hi everybody,
does anybody know why CELVIN units have disappear from System Architect? Does maybe meant that Fujitsu will just concentrate on Eternus cabins and leave that market sector? I haven't read anything about that on the Partner Information Hub and maybe that's the kind of info that should be published there.
I had sold a new Q805 with the Support pack and all the stuff that was on System Architect on November and today as I was going to create the order... surprise!!! No way.
At least I 've kept the selling with a TS-453 and we will offer the Support package by our own but that shouldn't be the way to work.
If there's a shortage of units or if something have change that should be at least informed to all the partners otherwise that could overcome on a damage on Fujitsu image.

10.12.2015, 12:28
( 6 )
Hi Guillermo,

Fujitsu has no plans to discontinue specific CELVIN models or the entire platform of client storage solutions. In particular, we're not replacing CELVIN with ETERNUS, since both platforms address different technical needs and customer groups.

However, we can confirm that for a short time there were delivery issues which may have led to your problems in System Architect. In the meantime, everything has been fixed and should work as usual. We apologize for the inconvenience.

With best regards

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