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Celvin NAS Q703 & ownCloud
27.07.2015, 15:22

Have anybody any experience with additional application for NAS, called ownCloud?

- Is it robust and secure enough for production?

- When I install it from AppCenter I get ver. 6.0.2, but when ownCloud runs, it advertise, that ver 8.0.4 is available. How to install new version? From QNAP? Is new version supported on Fujitsu Celvin?

01.08.2015, 16:16
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Hi again Roman,

Here's the answer directly from Fujitsu Support:

"ownCloud is currently offered in version 6.02 in the App Center for CELVIN NAS. Installation of version 8.0.4 package from QNAP works on a Q703 without issues (please ensure the old version is uninstalled before). Unfortunately, your request does not contain information about the hardware used, so it's possible this won't work on other CELVIN NAS devices.

Please understand that we cannot provide further support for 3rd party apps. We have just informed the responsible colleagues requesting an update for the apps in App Center."

With best regards

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