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VMWare storage and Storage Cluster on the same SAN
24.06.2015, 09:14
We're configuring a DX200S3 for local VMFS storage.

At the same time, one of the LUNs is configured for Storage Clustering. At the moment we have CMx00 for VMFS Storage, CMx10 for REC Path, and CMx11 for Storage Cluster access. When we assign access to the Storage Cluster volume, it greys out all options and pre-populates with CMx00 settings.

Has anyone configured an S3 with Storage Cluster on VMWare, where there are not just two access paths, but two access paths as well as two cluster access paths?



25.06.2015, 10:22
( 6 )
Hello Craig,

We forwarded your question to Fujitsu's support team, and they replied as follows:

In order to handle resources in the ETERNUS DX system differently from those in the cluster, it is required to separate all required components (CA ports, disk pools). It´s nor possible to use the same CA port or the same disks to handle Storage Cluster activities and other activities outside of the Storage Cluster.

Beside these general remarks you can find a best practice paper (PDF) on how to configure a Storage Cluster if you have access to our PRIMEWEB site ( ). The document is not available via any of Fujitsu's public web sites.

If you have further questions, please let us know more about the details of the existing configuration (log files of both involved ETERNUS DX systems and SF troubleshooting data created with the -all option).

Please let us know if this advice was helpful.

With best regards

25.06.2015, 11:19
Thanks Thomas.

The CA ports on the SAN are different to the RA and SC CA ports, as shown in a capture of the secondary site (which explains the standby status)

The normal data paths are separate fabrics, but I want to also be able to talk to the SC CA ports from the currently used Host ports like this:

To be clear, REC is running, SC is running with an agent, I'm just having issues connecting the SC CA port to a host already connected via a Host/LUN Affinity group.

The LUN Group for Data does not contain the SC LUN. Documentation I've read so far all uses two physical hosts for SC LUN access, whereas we are reusing VM resources.

Unfortunately I don't have access to that document, however I've asked my technical rep for a copy.


25.06.2015, 16:58
( 6 )
Hi Craig,

The diagram looks good, but only shows what the configuration is supposed to look like and doesn´t contain information about the actual status. Perhaps it would indeed be best to work on this with the help of the document and your technical rep.

Please keep in mind that you will also have to check whether WWN zoning is used in the switches, as Storage Cluster won´t work with port zoning.

Please don't hesitate to get back to us if further problems occur.

Best regards

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