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04.05.2015, 10:52
( 11 )
Hi all,
I'm working daily with CELVIN cabins and I find them very usefull for SMB scenarios. We mainly use them to liberate the file server role from the DC (normally a TX100/TX1310 that also runs some network apps such A3, Sage,...). We also use the NAS-to-NAS replication facility to make night safe copies outside the company and everything seems to work quite well.
The only thing that I'm starting to worry about it's network throughtput that maybe it's one step behind competitors nowadays. For exemple, Q700 has SMB Read/Write speed of 63.3/27.6 MB/s while Q800 (with teaming 2x1GbE) arise to 116.5/105 MB/s, at least that's what Fujitsu documentation says.
That seems poor against, for exemple, a QNAP TS-453 Pro with 4x1GbE and speeds around 400MB/s. This cabin has a close price to a Q802. So, is there any plan to upgrade CELVIN cabins with that facilitiesConfused I couldn't found any customer roadmap about that on the extranet.
I've been also checking WD Caviar Red Pro HDs and althought they are dessigned for cabins from 8 to 16 HDs balancing performance and price seems that they could work much better on this kind of cabins. Is there any doc about performance for that cabins and with which HD combination we will get better performanceConfused. What will work better 4x2TB WD Red Pro HD's on RAID 5, 2x4TB WD Red on RAID 1,....Confused

Of course we can think about go up to an Eternus cabin but price it's a problem on SMB scenarios while people keep asking better performance.

Many thanks for the info.

12.05.2015, 12:06
( 6 )
Hi Guillermo,

Thank you very much for your detailed question. Also, you're correct in pointing out that current Q700 and Q800 devices fall behind the QNAP TS-453 Pro - at least at the moment. However, that problem will be solved with the upcoming CELVIN Q805 and Q905 devices, which are soon to be introduced as successors to the Q802 and Q902. Both new releases will be based on the TS-453 Pro and thus inherit all of its performance improvements (as opposed to their predecessors, which were based on older, slower QNAP models).

Regarding drives to be delivered with the new models, there has been no final decision as to whether the WD Red Pro will be included. Our current models are equipped with the WD Red or comparable products.

With best regards

Thomas Community Manager
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