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LTO tape for 10G network !!
25.03.2015, 22:45
How can the eternus LT40 be used on 10G network as it has max 8G FC interface drive only. !!Sad

Best Regards
27.03.2015, 12:37
One options would be to use a iSCSI Gateway converting FC to iSCSI, there are a few of them out there.

Why do you need to connect it to 10GbE ?

Regards, Niels Vejrup
27.03.2015, 15:41
As Tape drive will be connected to 10G network. !! as 10G switch will be used in network.

As per my knowledge, Tape is available in FC and SAS interface only not iSCSI interface.!!

Best Regards
01.04.2015, 13:39
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Hi Aerial,

Fujitsu support recommends you use the configuration tool MatrixEP to check the configuration options. The tool is downloadable for free via your partner account.

Best regards

20.04.2015, 17:33

I'd use a little single-socket, 1U PRIMERGY as the gateway. if you know how, run Linux server on it, it is free. otherwise, get a windows storage server 2012 R2 (cheaper!) and use it to translate between TCP/IP and FC. huge advantage: much less costly than most ready-made gateways, AND non-proprietary.

or, go all the way and use that new gateway as your backup/media server, by installing the backup software itself on it. configure a nice bunch of disks as well and use the server as a disk-to-disk-to-tape staging solution.

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