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Fujitsu Entry-Level Storage Channel Partner Survey: What Are Your Experiencxes?
12.02.2015, 11:34  /  Latest edited: 12.02.2015, 12:14
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Dear Channel Partners,

Which capabilities do customers find most desirable in an entry-level storage system? That's the key question in our Entry-Level Storage Survey introduced in the news section: .

However, we all know that even the most detailed questionnaire rarely covers each and every aspect of a given topic – and that's why we would like to hear more about your individual experiences when selling entry-level storage systems. Are there topics we have overlooked? Preferences we haven't heard about? Much-needed feature sets your customers would like to see even within the most basic storage systems? Please let us know what the true pain points are and what a killer entry-level storage system should look like, so we can adjust our portfolio accordingly! Thank you very much in advance!

Best regards

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10.03.2015, 01:03

Lots of customers question me, if they can insert standard NL-SAS (or SAS, SSD) disks from different vendors in DX storage? There is certainly no warranty on non-Fujitsu disks, but please just make option to use of shelf disks! It would be nice, if you would support at least Primergy disks, to consolidate disk storage in migration projects!

David from Slovenia.

10.03.2015, 11:23
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Hi David,

We are currently working on this and hope to have an answer very soon.

With best regards

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