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NAS licensing !!
14.01.2015, 08:49

Please let me know if NAS Q902 requires any kind of licensing or not. !!

Best Regards
14.01.2015, 11:37  /  Latest edited: 14.01.2015, 11:42
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No licensing required for the main functions, even NAS-to-NAS replication needs no extra licensing or the antivirus function is free.
There's also a small software for PC network backup with no charge (Netbackup) that you can download from Fujitsu Support webpage. My personal opinion it's that could be a good software for ocasional backup but not for implementing a good distribuited backup solution for PCs, that maybe could be done with any other software.

14.01.2015, 12:33
Thanks for the reply.

Please let me know the link of NetBackup software, which can be used for data backup. Will be doing around 100 users backup.

So I will be needing to buy the software license i guess. !!
What about ExecBackup 2014. !!

Best Regards
14.01.2015, 14:00  /  Latest edited: 14.01.2015, 14:07
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Go to:
Select CELVIN NAS Q902, then drivers & Downloads and choose your OS. Under section, Tools and Utilities, you'll find it.
Also check this link:
and download the QNAP NetBak Replicator software and evaluate it. You'll find that it will also work fine with your CELVIN unit with no problem. The software and its interface it's much newer than Netbackup and as QNAP it's behind CELVIN units I think there should be no problem to use this software legally, but not 100% sure. Fujitsu's netbackup newest version dates 25.04.2013 while QNAP have more improvements right now.
I haven't read any limitation on installing that software on any amount of computers but you will have to plan carefully when each PC starts their own copy. 100 PC copying files at the same time to the NAS maybe become a problem. Just in case don't forget to load balance the both Ethernet interfaces.

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15.01.2015, 09:24
Please let me know if Fujitsu Netbackup Replicator ( can be used for backing up data of around 120 users to NAS requires any licensing or not !!!

Does this requires also a server between end user and Q902 or just need to install Netbkup replicator on user end and will be uploading data to Q902 !!!

Best Regards
15.01.2015, 15:02
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Surely someone from Fujitsu will tell you if there's any limitation with licensing. I'm just another partner. But as far as I know and as far as I've read on manuals anywhere I have found no mention about that. So there should be no limitation. If you are worried about that you can also test SyncBack a freeware that could also implement the copy activities.
What I can tell it's that you just need to install the software on the user PC and configure it, nothing to do in the NAS, well create the apropiate folder and assign permissions for that shared folders.

20.04.2015, 17:56
when you speak of backing up "users" - is that physical PCs? or their data stored on a server?
I hope the latter... Wink

in any case, have you looked into windows' built-in backup mechanisms? they are free, scriptable and actually WORK. only disadvantage: they use up a lot of space.

windows 8/8.1: file history
allows users to recover their own files without any administrative effort.

windows 7 + server: windows backup
even allows full image backup to storage.

both will backup to a UNC path located anywhere in the network, no licenses needed anywhere.

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