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Celvin info
24.12.2015, 11:31
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Hi all,
already published for public on Fujitsu's Web Site this document:

So there will be a couple of new CELVIN cabins, QE805 and QE705, fantastic!!!. But could anybody give some info about themSad No Info nowhere, shouldn't be that info published first in the extranet in order to inform partners? What should I tell to my customers if they ask me for that device?

Also some corrections on the product overview published. Q703 have no kind of failover/load Balancing features, at least if we are talking about networking cause it just has one gigaethernet. I don't really find to much sense to sections Failover/Load Balancing and the next one Loadbalancing. Maybe the first one it's talking about deploying a couple of devices in a failover/load balance configuration? and the second one it's talking about networking?
Anyway msurely it would be better to mention that Q703 has 1 ETH, QR802 have a couple of them that could be configured on a load/failover balance mode meanwhile QX05 have four of them.

Thanks and Merry Christmas everybody!!!!

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