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DX440S2 RAID 5 best practice ?
20.12.2015, 23:00  /  Latest edited: 20.12.2015, 23:01

Fujitsu recommend 7+1 disks configuration for DX440 , but if we consider DE failure we found that only 3+1 configuration is right but unfortunately it is wasting of space, any suggestions ?

04.01.2016, 10:38
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Hello Ali,

Sorry you had to wait so long; between the 20th and today, many people were on holiday, including those who could give competent advice on the matter. But now everyone's back on board, and here's the answer to your question:

"The 7:1 RAID setup is indeed the recommended one, but any other between 2:1 and 15:1 is possible. There are four things to keep in mind when deciding on the right layout:

1. Best performance: In this case 7:1 is the best choice, because this is the optimal layout for writing data to the physical disks. Data in the cache is organized in chunks that work best on a 7:1 layout.

2. Shortest rebuild time: The more disks you have in a RAID set, the longer the rebuild will take. Best for rebuild is 2:1, worst would be 15:1.

3. Best capacity/disk number ratio: The more disks you have in a RAID set, the better your ratio regarding net capacity, but rebuild time will be higher.

4. Highest availability: Especially in the DX440, you have 4 backend channels; from this perspective you would set up a 3:1 RAID with one member disk per shelf, so that you could even lose a complete shelf and still be operational.

Now it´s up to you to decide, but if you take everything together, then 7:1 is the best agreement."

Hopefully these tips are helpful -- and with that, we wish you a Happy 2016!

With best regards

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