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Jan 05 2016

Samsung Announces 2 TB External SSD


Historically, the success of storage products was either based on high capacities or on huge transfer rates and low latencies. Over the past couple of years, however, vendors tried to come up with products that deliver on both counts. Samsung's new Portable SSD T3, which will be introduced at this year's CES in Las Vegas (January 6–9), now pushes the capacity limits.

According to Samsung's official announcement, the drive is targeted at "consumers, content creators, business and IT professionals" who wish to "quickly and easily store and transfer large multimedia content across a variety of devices" – i.e. pretty much everyone willing to pay a premium for the speed advantage it offers over HDDs. These customers get a palm-sized, multi-terabyte offering based on Samsung's proprietary V-NAND technology in return. As it stands, the vendor will market the new device as a "truly dependable and versatile solution" that comes in four different editions: a flagship model equipped with 2 TB of capacity and three rather normal models offering 250, 500 or 1,000 GB storage space. With regard to transfer speed, Samsung claims the T3 will reach 450 MB/s over a USB 3.1 connection, which is effectively identical with the rate for a USB 3.0 connection, but still four times faster than what can be achieved with HDDs. As a result, the flagship model may even be suitable for 4K multimedia content, the press release says.

Aside from capacity and performance, Samsung has also tried to improve the compatibility and durability of the drive: the T3 features a USB Type C connector, which will work with a large group of USB devices including Android-based smartphones, tablets, and even TVs. On the software side, it uses the exFAT file system as the default file recognition format, and can be managed using a custom-made Android mobile app. For enhanced durability, the extra-light, 51-gram T3 is equipped with a new metal case and internal frame that should be able to digest crashes delivering up to 1,500 G of force or drops from up to 2 meters (6.5 ft.) height. Other 'comfort functionalities' are almost expectable with this class of devices, among them a built-in protection mechanism against overheating and, naturally, hardware-based encryption with AES 256.

As per Samsung's time table, the Portable SSD T3 will be available from February this year, starting in the U.S., China, South Korea and "select European countries." Prices were not disclosed, but at least the 2 TB model should cost considerably more than the more or less regular 1 TB SSDs that appeared in recent years. For more details, please check out the product website and the specs. Or if you prefer a more entertaining presentation, watch Samsung's promo video below.


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