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Sep 06 2014

FUJITSU Hyperscale Storage System: Preview at IDF

More and more companies and end users need instant online access to exceptionally large data volumes. Conventional storage systems, however, typically don't offer enough performance to sift through petabytes of info at reasonable speed. That's why Fujitsu and Intel have joined forces to develop software-defined high-end storage for the most demanding scenarios.

Exponential data growth is pushing today's storage architectures to its limits. Factors such as system I/O performance, storage scalability, traditional RAID technologies, and migration of petabyte-class data volumes are creating enormous challenges for enterprise storage professionals. Switching to software-defined distributed storage (SDS) will take away some of the worst pressures and provide new levels of flexibility and agility. Regular storage systems typically don't offer the extreme level of scalability required for these jobs; so our engineers went and devised a new type of 'hyperscale appliance' that will debut at next week's Intel Developer Forum (IDF 14) in San Francisco.

The new Fujitsu appliances build on the latest Intel® Xeon® processors and SSDs and also integrate Intel's freshly designed Virtual Storage Manager. On the software side, they utilize Ceph, an open source distributed object store and file system designed to provide excellent performance, reliability and scalability. (Ceph itself was developed by Sage Weil, an expert for distributed computing projects, as part of his doctoral dissertation at UCLA and co-funded by several U.S. national laboratories, including Lawrence Livermore and Los Alamos.) And like other Fujitsu appliances, they come with a few tweaks to make the complex software easier to manage for storage professionals. Altogether, the systems will be able to handle petabytes of data, enabling the deployment of extremely scalable and fault-tolerant storage solutions for especially challenging environments. Plus, they can help to dramatically cut online storage expenses per gigabyte. With these characteristics combined, they provide an ideal platform for particularly cost-conscious target groups like ISPs and CSPs, research facilities, public sector organizations that manage large online databases, media and broadcasting companies, and banks. And since Ceph is an integral part of the OpenStack project, the new Fujitsu appliances also deliver the ideal storage architecture for OpenStack users.

For more background info, watch the IDF keynote on the "Data Center Opportunity" on September 10, 9:30 a.m. PST (6:30 p.m. CEST), or check out the technical sessions.


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