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Feb 08 2016

Simulate Your Data Center: EMC Introduces InfraSIM™


Customers and CSPs looking to build new or expand old virtual environments often wonder what these assets will look like, which dependencies may occur, etc. With InfraSIM™, a tool developed by storage market leader EMC, they can now get a preview.

InfraSIM™ lets admins and CIOs "simulate the interfaces and behaviors of hardware devices in a virtual environment, including compute, storage, networking, and smart PDUs," says the documentation, which is available via GitHub. Further according to the presentation the "simulated hardware elements can implement external interfaces for interacting with applications that are running in the virtual environment," thereby helping to "dramatically reduce" the need for physical testbeds. In other words, the idea behind the tool is to assist data center staff in dealing with infrastructure issues before they can even occur. To achieve this, data centers must run VMware's ESXi hypervisor as a host for all VMs, which in turn consist of virtual compute nodes, PDUs and switches. A high-level view of the architecture is pictured above.

While InfraSIM™ is certainly a useful tool, it comes with two small caveats. Number one, it's been trademarked by EMC – whether this has any practical consequences is anybody's guess, while the legal aspects are covered on the company's web page. Number two, so far there are no public code repositories or other info to be obtained directly from GitHub in standard fashion, i.e. by visiting their home page and typing "InfraSIM" into the search box – this will only bring up an eponymous user account, and from there visitors are redirected to the above address of Trifle caveats indeed, but they might make a difference in some cases.


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