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Feb 21 2015

Fujitsu Starts Entry-Level Storage Channel Partner Survey

Which capabilities do customers find most desirable in an entry-level storage system? Fujitsu is looking for expert input from channel partners who have specialized in this segment.

Once they were considered annoying accessories, but over the past few years, storage systems have turned into the linchpins – and sometimes the secret stars – of increasingly business-oriented IT infrastructures. This is true regardless of whether companies have had a long history or just got started in their line of business. However, it's also true that all these customers have different needs depending, among others, on the size of the environment, IT expertise, and special storage skills.

Fujitsu has been delivering high-quality storage systems for more than 20 years and thus turned into a trusted partner for many of the aforementioned customers. Still we don't claim we know everything about their storage needs – especially not about individual pain points they run into or the features they'd like to see next when working with entry-level gear. That's why today we would like to invite all TechCommunity members and channel partners with a special focus on storage to take part in our Fujitsu Entry-Level Storage Survey. We would like to learn where you are already successful with our existing portfolio today, but also need to understand the requirements of tomorrow you see for this market segment. So if you are a Fujitsu channel partner and familiar with our storage portfolio, please log into your TechCommunity or CPP account and spend five minutes of your time participating in the survey linked below. We greatly appreciate your open and honest feedback. For all aspects not covered in this survey, please feel free to open up your own threads on our Discussion Board.

Fujitsu Entry-Level Storage Channel Partner Survey:


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