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Dec 26 2016

Microsoft Increases BLOB Size on Azure Storage

Azure Storage easily qualifies for a top position among Microsoft's most popular cloud services, not least because it allows users to efficiently get rid of on-premises capacity problems. The key here is that it lets users upload very large sets of unstructured object data also known as BLOBs (short for: Binary Large Objects).

Still customers who used the platform intensely would at some point encounter certain restrictions: the maximum file size per BLOB was limited to 195 GB, and the maximum allowable size per data block amounted to just 4 MB. Even long-time users tended to find such constraints frustrating – not much of a surprise when you consider that today even SMBs and freelancers often handle data pools in the tera- or petabyte range, especially if they store media files in lossless formats.

Against this backdrop, Microsoft last week decided that a substantial increase would make a proper Christmas gift. As of December 22, the maximum size for large "Block Blobs" has grown to 4.77 TB, while single data blocks may now measure 100 MB. Other features remain unchanged: according to Michael Hauss, Program Manager Azure Storage, a single Blob may still contain up to 50,000 single blocks, and so-called Range GETs that allow for high-speed parallel downloads continue to be supported. Likewise, blobs in Azure Storage remain "mutable," meaning that users can upload, insert or delete data blocks at their own discretion without having to modify and re-upload an entire blob. Organizations can start working with the new features immediately, provided they are using a proper REST API (version 2016-05-31 or later) or the new .NET Client Library version 8.0.0, which will be distributed over the next few weeks.

For more information, please see Michael Hauss's latest entry on the Azure Blog.


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