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Aug 13 2014

New SPC-1 Benchmark Record for ETERNUS DX

Following the outstanding results of ETERNUS DX200 S3 from December 2013, our ETERNUS DX600 S3 has also reigned supreme over all hybrid dual-controller midrange storage systems in the latest Storage Performance Council's SPC Benchmark 1 (SPC-1) tests.

The tests, which evaluated IOPS, $/IOPS and response times among other aspects, ran from May through July this year and yielded the following results:

  • Thanks to its performance architecture, the ETERNUS DX600 S3 delivered 320,206.35 SPC-1™ IOPS, the best result a dual-controller midrange storage system has achieved to date.
  • With $1.54/ SPC-1™ IOPS, the ETERNUS DX600 S3 also achieved an excellent price-performance ratio, immediately ranking among the Top 10 in the SPC-1 Price-Performance Listing.

These breathtaking results prove that the ETERNUS DX600 S3 is both an ideal storage system for data-intensive applications and a perfect consolidation platform for VMware vSphere or Microsoft Hyper-V implementations, increasing the VM density by orders of magnitude. At the same time, it provides users with enough performance to address high storage I/O and real-time data analysis needs, removing I/O bottlenecks and dramatically improving storage efficiency. Furthermore, a leading IOPS performance and sub-millisecond response time leave lots of headroom in areas where exponential data growth can be expected, thus extending the lifetime of the system and reducing migration costs.

The benchmark results also show that a hybrid system is capable of efficiently controlling a large amount of SSDs, without creating internal bottlenecks in order to minimize latency. With a response time of only 0.61 milliseconds under full load, it can cover a large share of high-performance data application areas, relieving many customers from investing in extremely expensive special-purpose all-flash arrays.

This is the second benchmark record in a row Fujitsu achieved with its unified ETERNUS DX systems after taking the lead in entry level systems with the ETERNUS DX200 S3 in December 2013. Both systems achieved the all-time-best response times ever measured under the conditions of the SPC-1.

Legal notice: The test results are published on the Storage Performance Council (SPC) web site as of the 25th of July, 2014, and will be officially accepted after the 60-day peer review period. See the referenced documents for complete benchmark results (Submission Identifier A00146):

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