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Dec 23 2021

Commvault’s multi-layered approach against ransomware

Nowadays, every organization is concerned about security and the inevitability of a ransomware attack.

Despite the fact that ransomware attacks have become the second leading cause of outages, many organizations tend to underinvest in disaster recovery (DR), including building ransomware recovery into their plans.

The situation is forecasted to get worse by 2025, where 75% of IT organizations will face one or more attacks.



Data sprawl increases the surface for cyberattacks and stalls business growth

Multi-generational data sprawl leads to data fragmentation and an increased surface for cyberattacks, complicates automation and process-efficiency efforts, and increases the risk for a successful ransomware attack.

Because of this data sprawl, your data environment today is not where it should be to help your business grow. All the multiple data silos across your environment introduce risks to your business and compromise your potential and ability to grow. Data siloes and the lack of consistent policies across them increases the risk of data breaches, data leakage, ransomware, and unauthorized access to data.

In addition, they hold organizations back, preventing them from running efficiently and throttling their ability to thrive and grow.  Collectively, these risks form a "business integrity gap", the gap between where an organization’s data environment is today, affected by the challenges of data sprawl and exposed to the risks we have just outlined, and where its data environment should be for it to thrive and accelerate – and digitally transform.

To close the Business Integrity Gap, customers must reduce the surface for cyber-attacks and strengthen their data security to ensure uninterrupted business operations.


How confident are you that you can recover from a ransomware attack? 

It is a matter of when, not if. The challenge with ransomware is that it not only disrupts production data, but it can also disrupt backup data as well.  This is why Commvault has integrated protection and monitoring capabilities within the Intelligent Data Services Platform and are specifically aimed against ransomware and at fast recovery. Not only is backup data immutable and protected against ransomware encryption, but Commvault also monitors for ransomware behavior to help customers isolate threats and take proactive measures. Customers can be assured that with Commvault’s anti-ransomware capabilities their data is safe and recovery-ready.


Security framework with a multi-layer approach

Data security is a strategic goal for Commvault and is addressed through multi-layered protection, advanced detection, and rapid recovery from security threats, including ransomware and data breaches.

Organizations require tools to constantly measure their recovery-readiness state to expose and remediate problems, validate the recoverability of their data and business applications through automated testing, and continually harden their environment to improve their security and reduce their risk profile.

When considering threats to the backup data itself, a common approach is to create data copies with a level of isolation, such as an air gap and immutable copies. Commvault agrees with this approach and has a proven history of providing immutable protection, geographic segregation, and air gap capabilities for the on-premises and cloud storage targets we write to, with the choice of using our appliances or your storage.

While providing data security and allowing for software to be administered effectively can be a challenge for many, Commvault is leading the way, securing data, and providing protection for concerns such as privacy, theft, corruption, and deletion, whether by internal or external threats, either malicious or misguided.


This end-to-end framework consists of feature sets, guidelines, and best practices to reduce the cybersecurity risk and to ensure data availability.

Security-conscious organizations can trust Commvault on data recovery and on getting their businesses back up and running in no time. Through our multi-layered security approach to data protection and management, your organization will be able to benefit from the following:



  • Secure user access and controls - AAA Framework protects in terms of who has access and what they have access to, while monitoring events and activities for proper security;
  • Centralized security management - single screen to centrally monitor, manage, and adjust the security levels and parameters.



  • Simple data immutability - protect against changes from inside and outside the backup solution. Restore unchanged and unmodified backup data anytime;
  • End-to-end data security - data is encrypted at the source, in flight, and at rest using industry-standard protocols with multiple options for key management and interoperability;
  • Bringing the Cloud into the security strategy – the Metallic Cloud Storage Service makes it easy to securely adopt cloud storage and ease digital transformation;
  • Secure air gap backup copies - isolate and segment storage targets from public networks to mitigate lateral moving threats.



  • Fast detection with active monitoring - use of machine learning, artificial intelligence, and honeypots to monitor and detect suspicious or unusual activity for greater insights and faster time to recovery.



  • Streamlined operations - coordinated interactive responses and actions using APIs, workflows, and integration with external orchestration platforms;
  • Avoid ransomware file reinfections - ensuring a clean and secure recovery by surgically deleting suspicious files, unnecessary files, or creating an isolated recovery.



  • Fast recovery - minimizing lost revenue with fast, flexible cloud, virtual, and on-premises recovery options.


Together with Fujitsu solutions, Commvault provides robust ransomware protection, detection, and recovery for the widest variety of workloads, whether virtual, physical, cloud (e.g., AWS, Azure), or SaaS (e.g., Microsoft Office 365).

Learn more about Commvault ransomware protection and recovery on or read the white paper: Secure your data, your recovery and your mission.



ImageGuest Author:

David Ambrosin,

EMEA Lead Sales Engineer – Alliance&GSI, Commvault



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