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May 27 2021

Part III – ETERNUS and Enterprise Vault – a modern archiving solution

The rapid adoption of online meeting and team collaboration platforms was astronomical in 2020. With the proliferation of these tools and the growth of remote workforces, archiving has evolved its focus far beyond email. The rapid increase in regulations for data privacy, banking, healthcare, and government demands a more integrated and smarter approach to compliance, supervision and eDiscovery. In the most recent blogs about archiving, we highlighted the growing role of archiving platforms as a source of corporate memory, including the risks and rewards of recording digital conversations and the governance decisions needed to protect them.


As with any IT solution, it is important to consider certain basic features during the procurement process. While some of these are obvious, others may be slightly less so:



Joint solution for modern archiving: ETERNUS CS8000 and Veritas Enterprise Vault

ETERNUS CS8000 with Veritas Enterprise Vault provides an automated intelligent archiving solution that stores, manages, and enables discovery of corporate data from email systems, file server environments, instant messaging platforms, and content management and collaboration systems – all in one place.


■   Veritas Enterprise Vault Suite

Veritas Enterprise Vault™ is an industry-leading information archiving platform that helps bridge the gap between business, legal, and IT. The flexible, easy-to-use, and comprehensive archiving and compliance solution intelligently stores, manages, and discovers unstructured information on-premises to ensure digital compliance and effective information governance. Organizations can maintain important information, while reducing backup and storage costs and enabling a repeatable and defensible discovery process.

Enterprise Vault empowers customers to act by retaining or deleting information as necessary to meet regulatory and business requirements as well as to improve visibility and access to archived data and enhance operational efficiency. It consolidates all front ends and policies under one interface (saving time and money, while also eliminating worry) and contains specialized applications such as Discovery Accelerator and Compliance Accelerator – for managing and performing simple searches on archived data for various purposes such as the provision of proof, content compliance, knowledge management, and IT security initiatives. The latest release of Enterprise Vault™ features:



For more details, please take a look at the data sheet.


■   ETERNUS CS8000

Along with data storage in the cloud, local storage solutions are also increasingly popular with customers. Fujitsu’s ETERNUS CS8000 appliances provide the ideal physical basis for all digital services. Depending on importance and frequency of access, the data is stored in a cache, on a disk, or on cost-effective media such as a tape.

ETERNUS CS8000 is the most versatile and flexible solution of its kind, reducing the TCO for complex data protection environments by 60%. Designed to flexibly fulfill various data protection service levels, it provides automated 24/7 operation, comprehensive high availability with zero downtime, and disaster recovery capabilities. Unique scalability in capacity and performance makes ETERNUS CS8000 a viable solution that enables continuous cost savings.

To find out more, please visit the following webpage.



The ETERNUS CS8050 NAS system is an entry-level model of the ETERNUS CS8000 archive platform for archive and second-tier file storage purposes. The appliance works together with leading archiving software, receives the data via NFS and CIFS interface, and stores the data on the RAID protected disk storage.

The archiving provides comprehensive storage functionality for remote/branch offices and mid-sized businesses across physical and virtual environments at a very affordable price. The solution features replication, integrated backup, and SoftWORM capabilities to ensure business efficiency and continuity as well as to fulfill compliance regulations.

For more information, please visit the webpage or read the use case white paper: ETERNUS CS8050 NAS - Storage Appliance for Archiving.


■   How the solution works




Enterprise Vault in combination with ETERNUS CS8000 empowers organizations to maintain important information and enables a repeatable and defensible discovery process while reducing overall cost and risk. The solution improves visibility and access to archived data and enhances operational efficiency.

Enterprise information archiving assumes vital importance in ensuring organizations’ compliance with recordkeeping regulations, preparation for litigation events, or e-discovery requests, while also preventing risky behavior that could be harmful from the brand reputation.

The propagation of digital communications makes it necessary for archiving solutions to support many different content sources and thus to constantly evolve along with the digital world. Internal audits, regulatory compliance, HR requests, supervision, and legal cases require a central repository, which will allow your company to be more proactive and prepared when it comes to discovery.

To get a short overview of the solution, make sure to watch the video: Be the winner in a data-driven world with FUJITSU ETERNUS CS8000 and Veritas Enterprise Vault.



Helga Eppig


About the Author:

Helga Eppig

International Product Marketing Storage, Fujitsu


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