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Jul 03 2017

The FUJITSU Storage ETERNUS CS200c Screen Demos, Pt. 1: VM Backup


Ever since its debut in 2014, our all-in-one data protection appliance has been deployed by numerous businesses of all sizes in order to implement enterprise-class backup and recovery. One key reason for this success lies in a unique combination of reliable Fujitsu hardware and industry-leading Commvault software functionalities that ensure the appliance is equally useful in physical and virtualized environments. Starting today, our summer series of screen demos offers comprehensive insights into the solution's rich and varied feature set.

The screen demos cover a total of six topics – from cloud backup to snapshot recovery – and show you how to handle the software modules that deliver the respective functionalities. First in line is a video that explains how users can easily run successful backups of virtual machines (VMs).

As noted above, one of the key advantages of the ETERNUS CS200c with Commvault software is that it works equally well in physical and virtualized environments. Better still, the appliance helps administrators protect VMs and 'their' respective data, regardless of whether they're set up in traditional, converged or hyper-converged environments. What's more, the VM backup module supports all modern hypervisors such as Citrix Xen, Microsoft Hyper-V, and VMware ESXi, thus ensuring that the workflow is identical for every virtualization platform. A detailed list of supported hypervisors is available here. To achieve this, the FUJITSU Storage ETERNUS CS200c has the following Commvault software components pre-installed:

  • The CommServe server (CS), which acts as the central management component
  • The Media Agent (MA), which manages data storage libraries, and
  • The Virtual Server Agent (VSA), which provides complete data protection and recovery for virtual machine data


Fig. 1: FUJITSU Storage ETERNUS CS200c – cluster configuration

By default, these components automatically track down and integrate all existing VMs into the backup process, so that none of them remains unprotected. In addition, administrators can quickly define a collection of VMs they want to protect or choose individual files, folders and complete VMs that are to be included with or excluded from the backup process, all via the intuitive GUI. The software even lets them define the backup options and storage policies that best suit their company's needs, allowing for VMs to be backed up immediately, on demand or following a fixed schedule. Thanks to this integrated approach and comprehensive feature set, the integrated backup appliance ETERNUS CS200c powered by Commvault makes the time-consuming and sometimes error-prone task of backing up VMs a whole lot easier – and helps customers to swiftly build more agile, efficient and cost-effective virtual infrastructures. It's even possible to accommodate high availability scenarios, simply by adding a second appliance and/or setting up a cluster configuration.

The complete screen demo "VM Backup with FUJITSU Storage ETERNUS CS200c" is available at YouTube.

Helga Eppig


About the Author:

Helga Eppig

International Product Marketing Storage, Fujitsu


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