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Mar 17 2020

Data Storage for the Digital World

Data is growing so much that it won’t be enough for today’s companies to simply scale storage systems to try to accommodate this ever-expanding quantity of data. They are facing additional challenges that have implications for storing and managing data. Low latency, uninterrupted access to vast data lakes and data tracking are perfect examples of those challenges. Stay tuned on why Fujitsu can be your business perfect partner when embracing the change.


ETERNUS Primary storage familyImage

When we talk about ETERNUS primary storage, we are talking about a product family which aims at helping your company to deal with data storage issues, from both a performance and a scalability perspective. Performance-wise, when comparing with the competition and thus to the SPC Benchmark-1™1, Fujitsu is proudly at the top of the charts. Fujitsu Storage ETERNUS offers significant scalability in terms of capacity, scaling up to 140 PB – much more than what most of the competition is able to offer today.

With ETERNUS products, customers can develop flexible, scalable storage systems to meet individual requirements or service level agreements – such as those for latency, or recovery times, while minimizing cost and complexity.  Based on one consistent family architecture, the ETERNUS storage portfolio can easily support a wide variety of tasks – from providing ultra-fast response times for critical applications to creating hyperscale, software-defined storage or robust data protection solutions.


The new ETERNUS AF150 S3 & ETERNUS DX900 S5

Designed to support the new paradigms of digitalization, the recently launched new generation of ETERNUS AF S3 All-flash and DX S5 Hybrid storage systems are performance-optimized to easily handle the immense data growth, always-on applications and complex workloads of the digital age, while offering the greatest storage efficiency to keep costs at a minimum.

With the introduction of two all-new storage solutions – the entry-level all-flash ETERNUS AF150 S3 and the enterprise-grade, midrange hybrid storage system ETERNUS DX900 S5 – Fujitsu further expands its extensive storage portfolio to meet the needs of any data center environment, delivering the right architecture for all data requirements and business demands.

An ideal solution for smaller businesses and branch offices, ETERNUS AF150 S3 combines cutting-edge storage features and performance at an affordable price. Optimized for ultra-low response times this storage system can work with data volumes of up to 92 TB. The ETERNUS AF150 S3 is easy to deploy and manage and is fully compatible with all other storage systems of the ETERNUS family. This allows customers to seamlessly grow their storage infrastructures and operate several storage solutions across their network through one unified management interface.

ETERNUS DX900 S5 arrives to fill a gap at the top end of the market as an enterprise-grade, which delivers high performance at an attractive price. Scalable up to four controllers, it provides enough scalability for most use cases, storing up to 70 Petabytes, and effortlessly achieves million-level IOPS as confirmed in the latest results published by the Storage Performance Council. Hardware-accelerated compression with fully automated service-level management means it delivers unmatched efficiency, while easy storage replication, mirroring and transparent failover gives customers full peace of mind when it comes to reliable business data continuity.


Why Fujitsu ETERNUS?


The innovations achieved with the new generation of storage systems result in enhanced performance and scalability for business-critical storage in data centers, branch offices and SMBs, providing reliable support for even the most demanding business and analytical applications.

Managing all new and existing ETERNUS Primary storage solutions is straightforward thanks to Fujitsu ETERNUS SF Storage Management Software. ETERNUS SF offers powerful monitoring features through an intuitive and unified user interface, including shared functions – such as replication, migration and the operation of storage clusters – across the all-flash and hybrid systems, all delivered with simple and transparent licensing. Taking advantage of Fujitsu’s partnership with Veeam, customers can create frequent and complete VM backups and replicas from snapshots with little to no impact on their production environment.

Beyond the storage layer, Fujitsu Software Infrastructure Manager creates one single management pane across all Fujitsu storage ETERNUS systems, Fujitsu server PRIMERGY and networking components. This allows consistent and efficient management of entire data center infrastructures and helps organizations accelerate data center innovation.

Over the past decade, ETERNUS storage systems have successfully enabled many customers across different industries achieve their business priorities while reducing the total cost of ownership, and thus gain competitive advantage. Nowadays, customers are able to maximize their investment in storage infrastructure thanks to the Fujitsu ETERNUS AF/DX Global Guarantee Program. Designed to provide complete storage peace of mind, the program includes commitments to zero downtime, data reduction, and 100% SSD availability as well as covering customer satisfaction and continued support for customers’ expansion and growth.



1 SPC Benchmark-1™: Storage Performance Council. A non-profit organization that evaluates the performance of storage by leading companies in the storage industry. SPC Benchmark -1TM is a trademark of the Storage Performance Council.


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