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Oct 24 2018

FUJITSU Storage ETERNUS CS800 S7: Reliable and Cost-Effective Data Protection for Small- to Medium-Sized Environments


A turnkey appliance with integrated deduplication and path-to-tape functions that combines enterprise-class performance and high scalability, supports all leading backup tools, and comes at an affordable price? Fujitsu's data protection appliance ETERNUS CS800 S7 is just that – plus, it helps IT departments build an additional layer of protection against data losses and various attack schemes.

The ETERNUS CS800 handles all manner of backup tasks and is now in its seventh generation – and still improving.

Faster Transfers, Higher Capacities
So what's new in this release, and are there surprises in the mix? The first thing customers will look for are usually capacity and performance improvements, and on both counts, the FUJITSU ETERNUS CS800 S7 delivers: Based on our latest hardware and equipped with SSDs, the appliance can now achieve data transfer rates of up to 13 TB per hour in regular and 27 TB per hour in speed mode – that's about 20-30% faster than a sixth-gen model. Net physical capacities start at 8 TB in entry-level configurations (16 TB in Flex and Scale versions) and max out at 640 TB in the optimized Scale edition.; logical capacities for all models are in the petabyte range. This is particularly good news for IT teams that need to expand their storage platforms or have consolidation projects ahead. Lastly, to provide even higher input/output speeds, selected backup software can run directly on ETERNUS CS800 S7 in a given VM, thus eliminating the need for investments in additional hardware, such as media servers.

Greater Flexibility Through Veeam Integration
While these improvements are substantial, they're also more or less what one might expect. Somewhat less predictable were the software and functionality enhancements we've added. The FUJITSU Storage ETERNUS CS800 S7 is our first data protection appliance to support Veeam Backup & Replication. This will strengthen backup and data management capabilities in virtual environments based on VMware and Hyper-V technologies. A highlight in this context is the integration of Veeam Data Mover Service (VDMS). VDMS performs data processing tasks on behalf of the Backup & Replication suite and typically requires that a proxy server (backup server) and a gateway server be installed so that data can be transferred from production servers to a target storage appliance and vice versa. On our appliance, the Veeam Agent – a key element of the solution – runs in the regular process space, which eliminates the need for a gateway server so that the entire setup is less complicated to monitor and manage. At the same time, the "simpler" configuration helps to reduce network loads and shorten backup times.

The key advantage of VDMS integration is that it enables Synthetic Full Backups and Instant Virtual Machine Recovery (IVMR), two central features from the Veeam world:

  • Synthetic Full Backup ensures the system can 'put together' a complete backup from previous full and incremental backups in order to bring backup and recovery processes up to lightning speed. Here's how it works: On day 1, the backup software will create a full backup from all available sources. On days 2 to 7, they will add six incremental backups that only capture relevant changes. Finally, on day 8 this is followed by a synthetic full backup that encompasses the first full backup plus all incrementals. Along with accelerating operations, this also disburdens clients, backup servers and the network, leaving more resources for regular work.
  • IVMR essentially builds on these features, as it allows for the immediate restoration of a VM into production environments within minutes. To do this, administrators normally have to provision extra storage space and then restore and run the crashed VM from there. With IVMR, they can simply extract the VM and copy it back into production and then migrate the VM during idle periods. This not only minimizes downtimes of VMs that are of vital importance for existing production environments, but also helps IT teams fulfill strict RTO requirements and prevent general business disruptions. Moreover, IVMR can be useful in disaster recovery tests, so that administrators may find the optimal setup and modus operandi to bring virtual infrastructures back to life should an unexpected outage occur.

Yet another positive quality of Veeam Backup & Replication is that it 'plays well' with other backup software, e.g. from Commvault or Veritas, essentially enabling users to follow a best-of-breed strategy in data protection. For example, the ETERNUS CS800 S7 supports advanced Veritas OST features, which gives customers the opportunity to follow a highly efficient best practice approach to data protection known as 3-2-1 backup.


Fig. 1: The ETERNUS CS800 S7 is the mopst capacious and flexible edition of our data protection appliance so far

Comprehensive Feature Set Supports Customized Backup Policies
The powerful, scalable FUJITSU Storage ETERNUS CS800 S7 not only has a reputation for being the easiest-to-manage target backup appliance in the market, but also offers a comprehensive set of features and functions that are not usually found in a turnkey solution. These include long-time favorites like integrated deduplication and replication, a built-in path-to-tape option, and OST integration with Veritas NetBackup. As a result, the appliance is equally well-suited for 'simple' backup scenarios, where one copy of data is kept for a couple of days in one location to support fast local restoration after an application/system crash, as it is for advanced setups, where multiple copies are stored on two CS800 appliances in two or more locations for several weeks so as to enable fast and stringent disaster recovery. Lastly, in case archiving is required, the appliance(s) can easily be combined with an ETERNUS LT tape system for long-term data retention measured in months or years. Together, these features support and expedite the implementation of a customized 3-2-1 backup/data protection policy – a topic we will cover in an upcoming blog next week.

All of that comes bundled in an affordable package: All software licenses – e.g. for deduplication, remote replication, direct tape creation etc. – are included in the appliance's base price. Plus, there's even a set of cloud enablement and charge-back features that allow for use as a backup target at cloud-hosted disaster recovery sites. Customers will be hard pressed to get more bang for the buck.

Do you want to learn more about our data protection offerings? Perfect – just follow the link below to sign up for the Fujitsu Forum Munich on November 7 and 8 where you'll be able to watch our portfolio in action:

Richard Schneider


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Richard Schneider

Global Product Marketing – Storage


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