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Nov 24 2020

Optimize your hybrid IT infrastructure with SystemInspection Service


With a rising flood of data and the increasing complexity of data management and protection in the digital world (both on-premise and/or in the Cloud), organizations are making the analysis and optimization of their data-driven IT landscape a priority. Until now, it has been difficult to get a complete picture of the storage and backup capacity of an IT organization, since the dedicated tools of storage and backup system providers offer only a vendor-specific view of the systems.

The new FUJITSU SystemInspection Service for Storage is designed to address that challenge. It provides a comprehensive overview of your hybrid IT landscape to help optimize your storage and backup infrastructure. The assessment provides end-to-end reports on the storage capacity from the hosts to the storage system and shows backup inconsistencies and the current physical storage capacity of the virtualized environments, giving you a valid basis for making decisions.

Fujitsu offers two new assessment services for data center optimization, enabling enterprises to define their baseline for data-driven transformation:

  • The FUJITSU SystemInspection Service for SAP solutions builds an inventory of operational SAP environments, creating a holistic view of performance and resource utilization
  • The FUJITSU SystemInspection Service for Storage provides a single pane of glass across heterogeneous physical and virtual storage environments, both on premises and in the Cloud


Our IT system inspection services support you in optimizing your data center resources – including improving storage and SAP utilization, reducing CAPEX, mitigating risk, and strengthening your data protection and audit compliance.

In this blog, our focus will be on the SystemInspection Service for Storage.


SystemInspection Service for Storage based on Veritas APTARE™ IT Analytics

The FUJITSU SystemInspection Service for Storage assists in identifying and eliminating information silos and data protection risks. It analyzes and correlates customer data from up to 30,000 unique data points across backups, storage, hosts, hypervisors and storage networks. The service then consolidates findings through a single console, providing a homogeneous overall view of storage and backup systems. Its customized dashboards encourage optimization of resources and help to reduce operational costs.

The service also helps to predict failures, to mitigate the risk of missed SLAs, and to align SLAs with business goals. The analysis report enables a streamlined chargeback reporting process across hybrid IT landscapes, eliminating hours of manual research, reducing storage consumption and consolidating tools. Customers get actionable conclusions to streamline audit and compliance needs, reduce data protection complexity and mitigate policy conflicts and human errors.


Why should you get Fujitsu’s SystemInspection Service for Storage



Veritas APTARE™ IT Analytics

The FUJITSU SystemInspection Service for Storage uses the APTARE™ IT Analytics software, from our strategic global alliance partner Veritas. The software provides the visibility enterprises need to identify underutilized IT resources they can repurpose to achieve significant cost savings. The Enterprise Strategy Group confirmed and validated in the ESG Economic Validation Report the capabilities of APTARE to optimize customer resources:




The SystemInspection Service for Storage covers the assessment of your infrastructure:

  • Virtual workshop to select and define the assessment environment to be analyzed;
  • Setting up the central instance in your data center and implementing the connector system on a Virtual Machine;
  • Preparation of the report templates and dashboards;
  • Automatic data collection of information used for the reports;
  • Creation of the required personalized dashboards containing customized reports;
  • Analysis of the reports in our Fujitsu data center or remotely in the customer’s data center;
  • Detailed assessment documentation including description of the actual status, consultation and recommendations for further actions and instructions;
  • Final on-site or virtual workshop;
  • Deletion of the central instance, the installed connector system software and the data collected during the assessment.


Use Cases

The SystemInspection Service for Storage provides assessment reports and recommendations for use cases such as:



The SystemInspection Service for Storage offers a cross-platform evaluation of your data center including storage, backup and virtual environments across on-premise and hybrid clouds. The fixed-price service leverages powerful new tools and unified analytics to map out comprehensive architectural views of both physical and logical data assets across entire hybrid IT estates. The end-to-end insights enable you to reduce costs, optimize your hybrid IT landscape and assist in developing your data-centric strategy for the digital world. The efficient assessment of your hybrid IT infrastructure includes initial analysis, customer workshops, and guidelines on how to optimize and reduce costs.

To find out more, please visit the SystemInspection Service website and read the press release.


Helga Eppig


About the Author:

Helga Eppig

International Product Marketing Storage, Fujitsu


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