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Jul 29 2020

Simplify Data Backup for PRIMEFLEX with Veeam Software

Fujitsu and their technology partners offer customers future-proof solutions for the data-driven enterprise to meet the challenges posed by unbridled data growth. This eco-system delivers the best technologies and solutions for ensuring optimal data management and protection – from server, storage, integrated systems, and software to services. While the solution was launched as a backup & restore solution radically optimized for VMware environments, the following article concentrates on how Veeam has developed their software to support Integrated System PRIMEFLEX – the converged, hyper-converged, and hybrid cloud infrastructure solutions from Fujitsu.



Partnership between Fujitsu and Veeam

Business success is highly dependent on the data availability strategy of the organizations. In the event of a disaster, data loss needs to be regulated to maintain business continuity. Fujitsu and Veeam are collaborating to deliver simplified and automated virtual machine backup, enabling increased availability of data and faster recovery from disasters. By using Fujitsu storage ETERNUS and Integrated System PRIMEFLEX with Veeam® Backup and Replication™ software, you can reduce your downtime window and amount of data loss to ensure business continuity. The combination of Fujitsu and Veeam ensures efficient backup, recovery and orchestration that provides customers with agility, availability and business acceleration.


What you need to know about the present and the future

In the past, companies were backing up servers, then VMs, and now maybe containers, while in the cloud era their job is to recover complete cloud-native apps and database environments, or, simply put: services.

Moving from servers to services does not absolve the companies of the long-term retention and multi-version operational recovery mandates that IT have always been governed by. Furthermore, it can complicate the strategy if they are not mindful of the different mechanisms and processes necessary to protect these newer platforms. To ignore that reality is to put data, and the organization, in peril. When companies modernize production, they must also modernize protection.


Veeam as the innovator of data protection software and new usage scenarios

Veeam´s strategic credo is to enable customers to use their backup data in a productive way in every form imaginable. Veeam has a built-in, cost-free sandbox environment, called “DataLabs”:


This highly developed sandbox system enables the data protection IT staff to differentiate between “productive” (hot/active = don’t-touch) data and “Backup” (copied/cold = you’re-ok-to-experiment-with-this) data. Providing their colleagues from the different departments with data resources, they can instantaneously use these to analyze, simulate, bend, transform and extrapolate. Here are some real-life examples:

  • IT operations can now do preemptive patching, backup restore validation, Dev/Test, Business Continuity/DR
  • Finance / Analytics
  • HR / Legal for compliance and training purposes


Veeam specifics for PRIMEFLEX

What makes Veeam a perfect fit for converged infrastructure solutions?

  • PRIMEFLEX for VMware vSphere

The converged solution is a fully pre-configured, pre-tested and validated package of best-in-class hardware, software, integration and support services from Fujitsu. It is designed to provide a fast track to maximum IT performance and agility while also reducing complexity for VMware-based virtual infrastructures.

  •  How Veeam Software integrates with Fujitsu ETERNUS and PRIMEFLEX

Backup from Storage Snapshots lets you speed up backup and replication for VMware vSphere VMs for which the disks are hosted on storage systems like ETERNUS AF/DX.

The availability of the Veeam storage snapshot plug-in for Fujitsu ETERNUS AF all-flash and ETERNUS DX hybrid storage, allows organizations to take backups or replicas at any time of the day, maintaining VMware Changed Block Tracking (CBT) and application consistency. This integration is a simplified data availability solution that satisfies modern service levels of relevance to the recovery of IT services, including data and applications.


What makes Veeam a perfect fit for hyper-converged infrastructure solutions?


Veeam software recognizes which server node runs which VM and data store, and can then automatically direct the data stream to the target appliance. By having a Veeam Proxy VM on each physical node of the cluster, it is possible to parallelize the backup streaming.

  •  PRIMEFLEX for Microsoft Azure Stack HCI

For Azure Stack HCI, Veeam installs a data mover on each cluster node, which takes on a “proxy role” inside the Hyper-V hypervisor. The integration in the “Dom 0” is a perfect example of how deep the integration with Microsoft really has become.

  •  PRIMEFLEX for Microsoft Azure Stack Hub

Due to the monolithic nature of the Azure Stack environment, Veeam software development created an agent for these environments to run proper backups to and from the cloud.

  •  PRIMEFLEX for Nutanix Enterprise Cloud

In order to activate parallel streaming, our customers using VMware ESXi on Nutanix have to install one of the Veeam Proxy VMs on each physical node of the vSphere Cluster. This changes if the customer runs the Nutanix Acropolis Hypervisor (AHV) based cluster. In this case, the Veeam Proxy VM is installed as a single instance in the AHV cluster.



The new requirements and challenges around Hybrid IT infrastructure enhance the need to build a consistent data protection strategy. From Fujitsu’s perspective, data protection managers and administrators should embrace a “pro-active” stance to question those responsible for data creation and processing (and security) about their innovation plans for the company´s IT landscape:

  • How long can your operations function if the IT systems go offline?
  • If the IT systems go offline, how long does it really take to get them running again?
  • When was the last time we tested and confirmed that?


Fujitsu ETERNUS and PRIMEFLEX combined with Veeam Backup & Replication™ delivers a simplified data availability solution that meets modern service level objectives (SLAs).

However, as workloads change, legacy backup mechanisms and strategies become woefully inadequate. So, when your company modernizes production, it must modernize protection too. Choose wisely and do it together with Fujitsu.


To find out more on how to modernize your data protection, please take a look at the Technical Whitepaper: Data Protection for PRIMEFLEX with Veeam.


Helga Eppig


About the Author:

Helga Eppig

International Product Marketing Storage, Fujitsu


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