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Jul 17 2017

The FUJITSU Storage ETERNUS CS200c Screen Demos, Pt. 3: Cloud Backup


Ever since its debut in 2014, our all-in-one data protection appliance has been deployed by numerous businesses of all sizes in order to implement enterprise-class backup and recovery. One key reason for this success lies in a unique combination of reliable Fujitsu hardware and industry-leading Commvault software functionalities that ensure the appliance is equally useful in physical and virtualized environments. Our summer series of screen demos offers comprehensive insights into the ETERNUS CS200c's rich and varied feature set. Today, let's look at what it has to offer in terms of cloud backup.

As we have pointed out before, our ETERNUS CS200c data protection appliance with integrated Commvault software is renowned among our customers and competitors for its extraordinary ease of use. Sometimes, this quality will help users produce results within seconds where previously they had to spend hours, if not days to get to a hassle-free workflow – as in the case of cloud backups.

Storing vital company data at a remote site is one of the earliest data protection concepts. In fact, it was already 'old' during the heyday of application service providers in the 1990s, which typically offered so-called remote backup services. Unfortunately, the risks and disadvantages of these services were manifold, ranging from complex setup procedures through bandwidth limitations and high costs to a possible lack (or even loss) of control over data security. Two decades later, many of these issues have been solved: Thanks to a stable Internet infrastructure, bandwidth is usually sufficient and affordable; likewise, security challenges have been addressed both at the legal and technical level. As a result, an ever-increasing number of organizations are sending backup data to private, public or hybrid clouds. However, a couple of issues have remained, and one of them is that getting a cloud backup to work properly can still turn out to be complicated and time-consuming.


Fig. 1: The ETERNUS CS200c data protection appliance with integrated Commvault software uses the Cloud Connector module to accelerate cloud backups


The ETERNUS CS200c data protection appliance with integrated Commvault software helps IT departments to avoid such problems. The key functionality comes with the Cloud Connector (CC) software module. CC delivers native support for cloud backups via a RESTful interface, thus allowing users to swiftly transfer data to private, public or hybrid cloud data centers and connect to more than 30 cloud storage platforms, among them the most popular picks – namely, Microsoft Azure, Amazon, OpenStack and VMware clouds. Better still, the screen demo shows that attaching an ETERNUS CS200c appliance to one of these platforms is virtually the work of two clicks, or 30 seconds: All the administrator has to do is add a cloud storage library via the intuitive GUI, fill in the name of the individual cloud provider, add her or his relevant user credentials, and swoosh – cloud backup is good to go. But that's not all: Next to thoroughly simplifying the technical procedure, the cloud connection feature also helps customers realize substantial cost advantages, as cloud backups will release licensed storage capacity on the ETERNUS CS200c in a similar way as attaching a tape drive does; however, additional costs may result from using cloud provider storage capacity.

The complete screen demo "In thirty seconds to the cloud – with the integrated appliance FUJITSU Storage ETERNUS CS200c" is available at YouTube. To learn more about Commvault software and the cloud, please visit

Helga Eppig


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Helga Eppig

International Product Marketing Storage, Fujitsu


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