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May 18 2022

Maximizing the value of your data: challenge your current IT for future success

- Blog#1 of the Data & Storage series -

Just before Covid struck, I had to put together a presentation that I was going to share with several hundred people at an industry event. The topic was “Archiving” and my focus was on the advantages of freeing up valuable online resources and reinforcing the idea of “if you keep it, then protect it.” My preparation included downloading videos to watch on the train to the event. However, rather than a file download, a pop-up message appeared instructing me to: “Free up space to continue download”!!!!



What happened? Well, my notebook’s storage capacity was maxed out. The irony was not lost on me that I was preparing for a talk about the benefits of archiving to free up valuable storage space. Apparently, I should have taken my own advice.

How often does that happen to you? You know what you should do, you even share advice on what should be done, but you don’t actually do it yourself. You get stuck in your familiar routines, and simply continue to do what you have always done. These auto-pilot routines are helpful as they make daily work less exhausting – but in some cases you really need outside influence to challenge your routines and strategies.


Join us on an adventure where we challenge your current IT infrastructure

This is what we intend to do with the upcoming series of blogs. We want to take you on an adventure where we challenge you and your current IT infrastructure. We know you face challenges managing and leveraging your data – we want to help you protect it and make it work for you.

There are many similarities between the challenges that different businesses face – but three in particular have kept many of our customers awake at night: data growth, limited resources, and increased complexity:

  • Growth: It will not come as a surprise that data growth is an issue for all businesses. In this blog series, we’ll examine what to do when your data is more of a burden than a benefit.
  • Complexity: This growing lake of data, spread across sprawling IT estates makes its management increasingly complex, which requires a structured and strategic approach. You can only profit from your data when you are able to transform it into valuable data. We’ll help you identify the optimal combination of strategies, technologies, and deployment models.
  • Limited resources: Businesses also have finite resources, including limited access to expertise to effectively manage their data. And the faster that data grows, the larger the deficit in resources, knowhow, and capabilities. We’ll explore how to adjust and prioritize your capabilities to manage, store, and protect your data with your current resources. A potential first step – possible even with limited resources – is to optimize your whole data and storage environment.


Our aim is to take a close look at each of these challenges in the context of typical storage scenarios to explore the different factors that should be considered in tackling your data challenge. We’ll focus on:

  1. Data Exploration – how starting with an AI-based, standardized assessment service meets your business and performance objectives without overspending on IT equipment;
  2. Storage in the hybrid cloud – finding the right cloud for the right workload and the right balance between cloud and on-premises;
  3. On-premises storage – choosing best-of-breed storage solutions to make sure your data can be accessed, used, maintained, and managed anytime;
  4. Data protection – ensuring this crucial element of all data and storage strategies is baked in from the very beginning of a transformation plan. It is crucial for your revenue and your brand;
  5. We’ll also take a deeper dive into the process that allows us to determine the optimal solutions where our customers can derive the maximum value from their data – e.g. our CX lab and co-creation processes.


It’s time to challenge your routines and strategies. Learn from my mistake and don’t wait for your infrastructure to tell you it needs to be updated. We’ll help you reevaluate your current IT, to ensure that it is ready to unlock value and contribute to your business objectives. Watch this space for our next post on this topic: Data Exploration.


Richard Schneider


About the Author:

Richard Schneider

Global Product Marketing – Storage


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