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Oct 22 2019

How to protect your data in a Nutanix multi-cloud environment

Fujitsu don‘t stop at just providing computing and storage capacity with Nutanix Enterprise Cloud on PRIMERGY. A data copy within the same cloud or virtualized environments does not protect your data against disaster, system failure, data corruption or deletion. Therefore, it is essential to store business-critical data on a separate backup solution. Fujitsu’s data protection portfolio is ideally suited to protect data of virtual environments (traditional, converged or hyper-converged) on-premise, on private, hybrid or public cloud and is ‘Nutanix Ready’.

ImageAs enterprises move to digital business processes spanning multiple clouds, data center operations are challenged to provide a responsive IT infrastructure that satisfies the increasing demand for better service levels.

Trying to manage all the separate clouds from private to public, to edge clouds, is a complex challenge. However, Fujitsu can provide an enterprise cloud platform that spans all these clouds: the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud on PRIMERGY.

Nutanix Enterprise Cloud on PRIMERGY is a multi-cloud, multi-hypervisor platform that includes all the hardware and software to simplify procurement and deployment by using hyper-converged building blocks. To find out more about it take a look at the recent TechCommunity article here.

Together with our data protection portfolio, Nutanix Enterprise Cloud on PRIMERGY delivers the speed, flexibility, reliability, scalability and data protection across multiple clouds—along with comprehensive data management of all other storage platforms, non-virtualized servers and enterprise applications in the data center and the cloud.


Figure 1: Backup for hyper-converged, multi-cloud infrastructures


Being the rising star in modern data centers, a hyper-converged solution typically consists of clustered building blocks with integrated network, storage and computing functions. It often has a data protection functionality built in, however, the focus is on data replication rather than traditional backup and recovery. The backup copies are often stored on the same platform, which runs the risk of potential data loss by data corruption, deletion or if a disaster occurs.

Understanding the crucial importance of data to your company, Fujitsu provides convincing solutions to the complex challenges of hyper-convergence and data protection such as performance, availability, security, flexibility and efficiency.

Collaborating with industry-leading software partners such as Commvault and Veritas, ETERNUS appliances leverage deep integration into cloud and hyper-converged infrastructures.




Bellow you can find Fujitsu’s Data Protection Portfolio with its main features and advantages:


Discover more information in the ‘Use Case Whitepaper: Data Protection for Nutanix’.

Helga Eppig


About the Author:

Helga Eppig

International Product Marketing Storage, Fujitsu


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