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Aug 09 2019

Best Practice Sharing: Disaster Recovery for SAP Landscape

The essential move to SAP’s latest enterprise resource planning (ERP) suite, S/4HANA, can be a hassle for your company. When dealing with this kind of transformation, and in a world where high availability is crucial, every possible measure and precaution should be taken in order to avoid constraints on your business. That was exactly what Raysut Cement Company in Oman did, together with Fujitsu. And it was a success.

In order to extract the full potential of the ERP and to set the company on a path of digital transformation, Raysut Cements was looking to revamp their SAP landscape with the introduction of the revolutionary SAP HANA DB.

Focusing on creating a robust platform, which would considerably improve the end-user experience, Raysut found in Fujitsu the perfect partner to assist them in this journey. Once the customer’s business requirements had been ascertained, a solution for the primary site and DR site was designed by Fujitsu, fully meeting the customer’s needs in terms of performance and high availability.

Drawing on its vast experience in designing end-to-end solutions for the most demanding of SAP workloads, Fujitsu proposed a solution based on the Integrated system PRIMEFLEX for SAP including the high-performance ETERNUS DX Hybrid Storage, and the business-centric ETERNUS data protection portfolio for disaster recovery, ensuring highest efficiency and proven quality to avoid unplanned downtime*.

Given the dependency of business operations on data availability, data protection is a crucial task not only for Raysut but also for any SAP customer. Backup and recovery operations are even more critical in this particular case, since Raysut is storing all the business-critical data in the SAP HANA DB. Aligned with data center best practices, Fujitsu pursued a disk-to-disk-to-tape strategy for both the primary and DR site.  This way, a backup is initially stored on a disk and then saved on a magnetic tape. As a result, two backup copies are produced: one on the disk medium and one on tape medium.  

Fujitsu consultants sized, designed and implemented the ETERNUS CS200c backup appliance with integrated Commvault software and the ETERNUS LT tape library for both the primary and DR site.




The pre-configured ETERNUS CS200c backup appliance powered by Commvault ensures the hassle-free setup of the backup environment and simplifies the data protection and management in a single, integrated solution. The proposed appliance starts with 24 TB physical capacity, leaving room for upgrades. To further showcase the flexibility of this design, only 4 TB are licensed with Commvault software, and additional licenses can be procured in the future as the data continue to grow. This reduces the initial investment, and cost savings on unused licenses and support are achieved. In addition, these software licenses are perpetual and decoupled from the appliance hardware, allowing for a hardware tech-refresh by transferring existing licenses to a new system. This provides optimized return on investment and ensures a new level of investment protection for storage and backup infrastructure.Image

Commvault distinguishes itself from other software vendors by being one of the few certified solutions that have direct integration with SAP HANA DB. Backint certification for SAP HANA enables Commvault to directly connect their agents to the HANA databases, ensuring tighter integration with SAP HANA Studio. Backups are transferred via pipe from the HANA database, which runs on the HANA DB server, and then to the backup appliance.

The final part of the backup solution consists of the very flexible and affordable ETERNUS LT Tape library. Again in line with the “buy as you grow” approach, ETERNUS LT features capacity-on-demand ensuring investment protection. With the increasing prevalence of ransomware and cyber-attacks, enterprises with a multi-tier data protection strategy – including tape as important building block – are safe in the knowledge that data on tape can be stored offline for secondary backup.

With no margin for error, this Fujitsu solution consistently meets required service levels. Double performance speeds, thousands of sheets of paper saved, and simplified process automation were some of the results of this successful partnership. With such a holistic backup solution, Raysut – and any other SAP customer – will take advantage of several important benefits as shown below:




To find out more about the Raysut case study, please visit

* This blog highlights the backup element; for the full story please read the blog: Cementing future success for Omani firm Raysut.


Helga Eppig


About the Author:

Helga Eppig

International Product Marketing Storage, Fujitsu


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