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Question about Service Packs
17.06.2014, 09:36
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I'm not sure whether this is correct in this category, anyhow - a question to Fujtsu:

I want to sell a longer Service for a notebook. What is the difference between E Servicepack and Servicepack Box? Both are priced the same.

Thank you in advance.

17.06.2014, 22:02  /  Latest edited: 17.06.2014, 22:04
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The only difference is in the way the activation keys are delivered:

1. For eService Packs, we send the keys to our partners via email. You can then visit our activation page and type in the required data (serial number, device location, address etc.) along with the key. You will find your activation page at:

2. For Box Service Packs, we chose a more traditional way and send you a letter with the activation key via your contry's postal service(s). Otherwise, the procedure is identical.

With best regards

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